Photo of a 1961 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible (Little Red)

Little Red

1961 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible


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Description: This is my '61 Corvette. I won this in a raffle for a charity. $1 tickets, I bought 7 of them and didn't believe it when they called me. I thought it was my brother-in-law playing a trick on me because I told him he was wasting his money to buy any tickets.

Much work has been done since I got it. No free cars out there as many know.

Since I got the car I have replaced the Turbo 350 with Keisler 5 Speed, GM ZZ4 crate motor, and changed to the new tires and wheels. Electric fans were installed with the engine and a new DeWitt's radiator. The fans don't appear to be moving enough air, I need to get more air moving through the radiator for 95 or more summer days here in Nebraska.

I hope to redo the interior in the future, I intend to put it back to the original type, it will be much nicer then. Big job, big $$, have kids to raise also. I also need a radio, as it currently has none.

Paint would be in the long term future, it has had some repaints and was originally Blue I believe, many blue spots under the Red paint.

It has a pretty clean body, not many repairs but seams are drying out and showing through paint. Showing it's wear over the years.

The car was originally a 4 speed and was replaced with a Turbo 350 sometime before I got it. Previous owner had just cut off the clutch pedal up under the dash when the Automatic was installed I assume. Had a Mustang shifter on the floor, replaced when Motor/Transmission was done.

The motor that was in the car was a restamped 327 out of a '68 truck. I really don't know what the car was when new, other than the 4 speed, unknown which of the 5 possible motors it was, pretty sure it was not fuel injected, nothing to indicate it was anyway.

Does not have positraction rear end even.

Will try and add more as I remember and learn anything new about the car.
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