Photo of a 1963 Buick Wildcat 4 Door Hardtop (Sarge's Barge)

Sarge's Barge

1963 Buick Wildcat 4 Door Hardtop


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Description: This will become a never ending album. Anything is progress on a Classic/Antique car. I continually find better parts than what I have. Emblems, stainless, chrome, etc. Including a 1963 License Plate instead of the "Collectors Vehicle" Plate.
A new headliner was installed by Juggyz Kustoms in Black Lake WA. near Olympia. They will do the rest of the interior, and enclose the trunk when the time comes and money allows it.
I had Vortex Bed Liner put into the trunk. Ryan's Detailing in Lacey WA. did it. Won't have to worry about rust there.
By: Sergeant_Major
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Put some chrome half-moons on it. Looks pretty good.
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Document holder from 1963. Found it in the car.
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