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  • TomHughes started a blog post Lucy's List

    Lucy's List

    I was going through car receipts the other night and found the one The Corvair Ranch wrote up when getting my '63 Corvar back on the road. I had towed her up there when my previous daily-driver was totalled by stop sign running dump truck. Here's the list...
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  • TomHughes started a blog post Lucy Had the Shakes

    Lucy Had the Shakes

    I bought three decent used tires (Goodyears, $80, mounted and balanced) last Saturday in preparation for the drive down to SC for Christmas. I figured driving 1000 miles at highway speeds on the tires that came from the junkyard with the 280ZX wheels wasn't...
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  • TomHughes started a blog post A Few Comments

    A Few Comments

    Since I drive my ’63 Monza nearly every day, I get lots of comments. Here’s some that I remember. One gentlemen came up to me and the car last night as I was about to drive away from the liquor store. He told me how he’d swapped a Corvair engine into...
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  • TomHughes started a blog post A Couple Racing Mods

    A Couple Racing Mods

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    Before taking my '63 Corvair to Summit Point Raceway, I was hoping to re-install the dual exhaust and some cables that limit the drop of the rear trailing arm. The latter modification prevents the rear wheels from going to positive camber on sharp turns. I...
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  • TomHughes started a blog post More Catching Up

    More Catching Up

    Got the harnesses installed in the '63 Corvair with the help of my small-handed 11 year-old. I needed her to install hardware through a small access and then hold the wrench while I tightened nuts from the opposite side. That gave me square tubing on the...
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