Photo of a 1964 corvair rampside (radical one)

radical one

1964 corvair rampside


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Description: 1964 corvair rampside
other named 95 / [ f c ] forward control
built from 1961 to 1964 , 95 - inch wheelbase , air- cooled, rear engine over the rear driving wheels , flat -6 , am radio,factory side ramp, no surprise this garnered more than its fair share of attention. and its fun to driver

How else could you describe a pickup with a ramp built into the curb side of the bed to make loading and unloading almost rediculously easy? This idea works well on a Corvair Rampside, like this 1964 , because it's unitized construction puts the load floor less that a foot and a half above the ground. With any other pickup, you and your helper would be struggling to heft that refrigerator into the bed, while with a Rampside, you can do it by yourself - just roll the hand truck right on up the ramp and away you go.

Ford's Econoline and Dodge's A100 Forward Control pickups might look similar, but they're just topless vans. While there were Corvair vans based on the same Corvair 95 truck platform .the Rampside was, by far, the most innovative light truck available in the 60's.
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