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Slideshow for the “1965 Chevy II 100-Series 4-door sedan (My first car!)” album.

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Description: (DISCLAIMER: These ARE NOT pictures of the actual car! I found these pictures on line to represent the real car. It was the same "Artesian Turquoise" color as the car featured, but the engine wasn't nearly as filthy! The dashboard shots are from Novas, not 100-Series cars.)

My double hand-me-down first car. My Mom inherited it from her mother. When my folks went to trade it in on a left-over 1976 AMC Pacer in November of 1977 (Now THAT'S a left-over!), they only were offered $50 for it so, since they had two sons who would be getting their licenses within a couple of years, they kept it. My older brother decided that 1) He couldn't be bothered learning how to drive a stick shift and 2) He wanted something flashier than a turquoise 4-door anyhow. OK, so it was rough, and it was slow... It was still quicker than the '68 Mustang my brother bought instead!
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