Photo of a 1966 Chevrolet Corvair Monza ("Ashley")


1966 Chevrolet Corvair Monza


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Photos in the “Bringing Ashley Home.” Album

Description: I bought my 1966 Corvair Monza, "Ashley", on eBay, and found that it would be a lot cheaper for my wife and I to fly to Denver from Philadelphia and drive the car home than it would be to have it transported... Not to mention a lot more fun! Face it: What real "Car Guy" (or "Car Gal") can pass up an adventure like 1,800 miles with their better half and best friend in an antique car that they'd never laid eyes on before except for a half-dozen pictures on eBay? Rose and I love a good road trip, so we made the arrangements with the seller, Harry's Classic Cars, to meet us at the airport in Denver with the paperwork. "Harry's" daughter and office manager, Ashley, met us there and made the entire process easy. The car was easily as good as it was described on eBay, and the dealer was a pleasure to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with them again!

This album shows the entire trip, from our arrival at Philadelphia International through the flight, picking the car up in Denver, and sightseeing on the way home. There are even a few pics of our only trouble on the trip: A blowout in southern Ohio. Not much of a problem until you realize that the car didn't have a spare tire! AAA had us on a rollback to a tire store that had the exact tire we needed (right down to the width of the whitewall!) within half an hour, and we were rolling again just over an hour after the tire blew in the first place. Unfortunately, the car threw a very rare,very expensive wheel cover when the tire let go. If that's the only trouble, I think we did pretty damn well!
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Album photo 42
Trouble! A blowout on the Interstate in southern Ohio. Good thing...
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Album photo 43
Remember that can of Fix-A-Flat we got in Denver? It wouldn't have...
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Album photo 44
In Ohio, AAA contractors must be on the scene of a call within 30...
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Album photo 45
Entering West Virginia. We were there nearly half an hour, until...
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Album photo 46
... we left West Virginia and entered Pennsylvania! Only roughly...
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Album photo 47
At the Pennsylvania Turnpike rest stop where we stopped for dinner...
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Album photo 48
Ashley posing with the Corvair convertible on the transporter.
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Album photo 49
We decided to take US30 from the PA Turnpike in Breezewood across...
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