1966 Morgan 4/4 Competiton (Penelope)

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The car was purchased in MI. new by a lady then 30 years later sold to a fella in TX who restored it around 2002. He sold it to a guy near Columbus OH. He died and I got the car from his widow.

The car came complete with the orginal bill of sale and owners manual. Tool roll and jack are in good shape and complete. The wood in the car is still orginal.


Engine: 1500 Ford w/Weber DGAV
85 HP

Top Speed: 99 MPH

Transmission: 4 speed Ford

Factory Options

Heater, Mirrors, Bonnet Strap, Louvres on top of Bonnet, Temp Gauge, Long Range Lamp.


Coolant recovery tank.

Griffin alum. radiator

1700cc Cosworth BDR with twin Weber DCOEs. 170 HP, 9500 redline, top speed: Well over 120 MPH. (All a strait bolt in swap)


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