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1967 Dodge D Series 3/4 ton Crewcab Longbed (The Beast)

Last updated Mar 4, 2008  

Photo of a 1967 Dodge D Series 3/4 ton Crewcab Longbed (The Beast)


First of all, ill provide the history of the beast. It all started out when I first saw it at Sam’s Towing Lot here in Sacramento. I was driving past and I see this crazy ass truck, and im like “WHAT THE **** IS THAT?” I had to pull over to get a better look. Anyway, when I finally seen it, I was just speechless. It was just so amazing. The steel camper shell had a chair on the roof, 4 portable gastanks and spare tire chained to the roof, loud speaker for the PA system, and numerous lights everywhere. There was even a mail box apparatus welded into it. The paint looked like some guy dropped hella acid and went crazy on the truck with tan and green spraypaint in a frenzy. There are also marijuana leaves painted onto the truck in various locations if you look hard enough. Looking inside the cab there was a small fan – used for air conditioning, a cellphone charger, CB radio, pee tube, swiveling passenger seat and no back seats. In the back of the cab there was a cabinet with the Chinese zodiac animals typed onto it, along with the words: “THESE WALLS ARE NOT SAFE. DO NOT DISCUSS INTELLIGENCE MATTERS.” Seeing that made me burst out laughing. Also, on the front bumper – was a huge vice grips welded to it, along with a giant chain wrapped around it – along with a huge plastic ice cream cone tied to it. The cone had a smiley face spraypainted onto it and was probably used for parking – since the last thing you’d wanna do is hit a car with that huge bumper. There was also tiny statue of a eagle welded to the hood and also a rear-view mirror. Oh, and the doors were all padlocked shut at one time – but the tow drivers had broke all the locks. (those locks were ****ing huge!) Under the hood were THREE batteries, and an electric generator with a powerstrip – you could hook a ****in computer up to this truck…

I learned that the truck was originally used as a water-rescue truck which would explain the chair on the roof that had an actual seat belt as well as the mirror on the hood and stretchers in the steel camper shell. But at some point – probably when the truck was retired – some CRAZY, very cool guy, bought the truck and turned it into what you see now. I’d love to meet him someday – if I ever see him. I know at some point he lived here in Sacramento – because my neighbor used to the truck driving around downtown here and there – and he eventually saw it “abandoned” in a parking lot on 16th street. For whatever reason the owner left his truck – he left it for too long and it got towed away by Sams Towing Lot. And if a tow yard keeps a vehicle for over a month – they get to keep it for themselves. So it went up for sale. Apparently the original owner kept trying to get it back and was at all the auctions and car sales at the tow yard – the workers describe him as creepy and thought he was a child perpetrator – but whoever he was – he belonged to Child Safe International – an organization who’s goal is to educate people about child safety. I'm pretty sure this guy was actually out to kick child molester's asses!

How I got the truck:
The price on the window was $2000 – but was brought down to $1000 since no one was interested cuz the truck looked so ****ing crazy, I was hoping to pick it up for $500 – didn’t have the money – but I was over at the tow yard inspecting the truck and talking with the workers about once a week – but I STILL didn’t have the money and it was eventually bought by somebody – (for privacy issues i wont disclose the name) I was heartbroken. The tow yard wouldnt give his name so I could ask him about the truck, and I had no idea where my dreamtruck went. 6 months past and a friend of mine saw the truck for sale in the local Craigs List. I met with the guy and saw the truck. – it wasn’t pretty. from what he told me – it still ran and drove as good as it did – but most of the cool **** was ripped off the truck. The generator was gone from under the hood, the cabinet with the writing was gone, the whole camper top was gone along with the chair, half the lights were taken off, and the left rear tire was completely flat and had a nail in it. Inside the cab the electrical system was a mess - none of the lights were hooked up except the headlights and there were and STILL ARE wires everywhere! The chain and ice cream cone from the front bumper were nowhere to be found and the truck looked a lot more rusty than it ever did at Sam’s Towing. The guy had had to pay the full price of $1000 for the truck, and he was gonna accept $500 from me but he flaked out so I gave up on him. Shortly after I ended up losing my money because of a stupid ticket I got so I gave up on my dreams of having a crazy ass truck before i graduated high school completely. 6 more months pass with little communication from the guy. However I ended up getting some money again and so I messaged the guy – by this time he had given the truck to his crazy ass uncle, and I had to end up paying him $700 for it. Wish it was only $500 – but hey – it runs.

if you read through all that…I salute you. And if anyone had any information about this truck or its original owner – the guy who made the truck a BEAST, plz contact me.


Crewcab truck - now sure how long but its over 20 feet and takes an ENTIRE intersection to flip a bitch

Not sure the top speed - but ive gotten it up to 85 and it seemed like it could go higher - it NEEDS an tach!

weighs 6440 lbs - not too many jacks can lift it...

i dont have much to say in this area yet.

Factory Options

Pretty sure it came stock with a 318. from 67-71 383 engines were available for dodge pickups, but im almost sure it came stock with a 318 - cuz it would'nt be smart to rip out a 383 for a 360.

so its factory specs were probably this:
318 engine
NP-435 4spd
Spicer 60 rear axle
drum brakes all the way around
8 lug wheels
Hydraulic Clutch
Power brakes
Power steering (not sure if it was factory but its definitely had it for a long time)

Not sure if the truck came with bench or bucket seats - or if it even had a back seat - since it was a rescue truck.


1967 Dodge D-200
Crewcab long bed
4x4 conversion
360 engine made in 1971 – no clue where it came from
Edelbrock carburetor + intake
long tube headers (dynomax I think)
true dual exhaust commin out Super Turbo mufflers
short 4in tips
35x12.5 BF Goodrich tires
Warn locking hubs
Dana 44 front
Dana 60 rear
4.10 gears
Rancho shocks
adjusted steering (hella work done)
custom made running boards, front bumper, grille guard, back bumper
extra leaf springs - front and back
NP-435 4 speed manual trans
custom drive shafts
custom made 8-ball shift knob (actual pool ball – not fake)
CB radio – not hooked up
Grant steering wheel
custom seats – passenger chair swivels all the way around
pee tube
3 gas tanks – 2 custom tanks cut into the bed
used to have 3 batteries - (took that **** out cuz they spit acid EVERYWHERE and i literally had to use 5 baking soda containers to clean up the mess)
the most insane wiring I’ve ever seen
protective bars covering windows
searchlight and siren light on roof
Front disc brakes!!!
exterior lighting…….

Repairs/Fixing up:
Tune up
Got rig of the 3-battery thing and put in one new one
header gasket replaced - i was suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning!
burnt up the wire that goes from the key to the starter - so i made an ignition switch
Replaced wheel cylinder in rear right drum - that was interesting since after taking out the 8lugs for the wheel, had to take out 8 more lugs and pull out the axle shaft, Then the whole 30-lb drum comes off. So basically i found out that i have a full-floating axle...some heavy duty ****!

Throwout bearing **** the bed, replaced that ****, found out just how heavy an NP-435 really is, found out how bad 40-year old gear oil smells, found out how much easier it is once you rent a tranny jack for $34, found out NEVER to use a bumper jack to raise up a lifted rig (got the truck raised 6in in the front and it started to sway - and then it basically fell off the jack (SCARIEST moment of my life), and found out how much easier it is to put a tranny back into place once you learn the proper way to pop out the shift lever!

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