Truck walk around and short drive
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Show fender damage, surface rust starting in usual places under cab, crack in exhaust (tried to show by shining light on it, its in the y-piece just before the rear connection) that I discovered and likely the cause to irregular sound (what I thought was bad gas). Not sure why it is idling so high, but has been that way since I rebuilt the carb and even though I adjust it slower its not going slower. Set the phone down when I stopped by my garage to get some fuel additive since none of the gas stations have ethanol free gas anymore, and the short drive was going to the gas station. Tried to get some video to hear it at idle and while driving, but it seems that it had the best engine noise while on the seat. Muttered about the brakes since lately they havent been stopping as well as in the past, still work but I dont know that you would want to drive it back without having them worked on first (not sure if it would be worth it if you plan to switch to disc brakes). The speedometer is not accurate, shows slower than actually going, dont remember if I mentioned that before or not, but I remember after I first got it and my parents followed me somewhere when I thought I was going 55-60 mph I was actually doing more like 70 mph according to them. If you have any questions please let me know.

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