1968 Pontiac Firebird (MUS55L)

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I have always loved the look of the 60’s & 70’s U.S. Muscle cars, Especially the first gen firebirds with there deep grills chunkier bumpers & GTO style tail lights just in my opinion seemed to look more sinister or tuffer than the camaros. Dont get me wrong I love the camaros, Anyway I brought this car off a importer in South Australia about 4 years ago & it has almost doubled in value since, Mostly due to the fact that Aussie muscle cars of that era such as ford XY GT & Holden Monaros are selling for up to $ 800k au in auction!
The car always draws a crowd whenever I take her out & she still takes my breath away every time I open garage!!

These are the plates that came with my car when it was imported from the US. I would love to hear from any one who recognizes them & can give me some history on the car. A shot in the dark but you never know your luck.

Long live U.S Muscle!!!!!!!!


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