1969 Dodge Dart (DART “project”)

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1969 Dodge Dart drag car “project”-in progress


mild steel square tube chassis
set up for b/rb engine, powerglide
fab-9 rear
4-link rear suspension
4 wheel disk brakes
4 corner Koni Coilovers


  • One day a long time ago i told my friend that i could take a basket-case 383 and put it back together using only the old parts, bearings and gaskets, got into it and had it running the next day sitting between the framerails of a ’69 R/R, hemi 4-speed trans, positraction and a Carter Thermoquad..
    He swore up and down that his Charger with a 340/4bbl/Auto trans, We jumped in the 383 R/R and proceeded to smoke the hides in 1st thru 3rd, when i shifted into 4th the speedo was measuring triple digits and it was time to bring er back to the shop, Richard about fell outta the car, it’d been a long time since experienced that much excitement, i asked him if he still wanted to race….Hell no, he said, that R/R is too fast for me..

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