1969 Oldsmobile 442 (’69 Olds 442)

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This car was bought by me and my then boyfriend in 1980. I was 19 years old. Bought it from the original owner who ordered it from the factory.
It was an ugly pea green. We painted it a different shade of green and added black stripes that went up the hood to the roof and then the trunk. Bought new tires and rims. The rims were those Crager Center Line. Black and Gold. We changed the exhaust system and put headers on it.
That was the prettiest car I ever seen when it came out of the garage in March 1981 after being in there for over 6 months.
On April 12th 1981 I gave birth to our first son Thomas and brought him home in that car. I had two more children girls and they also were brought home in that car. I drove this car for over 10 years before it started to get rusty from those northern Indiana winters.
As of today my son is owner of the car and has it stored in a barn in Indiana. He can still start it up but it needs a lot of restoration done. Hopefully one day he will get it done and she will live on again.


400 CI with a 400 turbo tranny. Best time 11.20 in 1/4 mile.

Factory Options

Came with factory air but that was the first to be removed after we bought it. Something everyone did back then for more horsepower….LOL!


Wiend high rise manifold. 750 Holly double pump. 12 bolt posi rearend with 4:11 gears. 3500 stall converter with a BNM shifter.


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