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Jan 3, 2010 at 11:24 am
Aussie Javelin? Makes me think of the Mad Max Austrailian Ford Falcon! Will it have a blower?
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Mar 9, 2007 at 4:44 pm
Wow, that looks great! Can't wait to see it finished. How's it run?

I was down in Melbourne last year. Hoped to run into one of the Aussie Javelins, but no such luck.. frown image

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1969 Rambler Javelin SST (Javelin)

Last updated Apr 16, 2007  

Photo of a 1969 Rambler Javelin SST (Javelin)


1969 Rambler (AMC) Javelin SST
Assembled in Australia by AMI (Australian Motor Industries)This car has been in the family since 1985, had 1 engine transplant from 343ci to 401ci which was left stock with just a set of BlackJack Headers and Torker Intake fitted.
Cars was a strong low 14sec 1/4miler, even though it starved for fuel half way down. It was previously painted in a Charcoal/Genmetal metalic until we decided to do a full bare metal respray on her. It's colour is from a 1999 Mazda MX5 (evolution gold mica)
The engine was sent away for machining way back in 1988 were it was punched out 0.040", balanced and blueprinted. Fitted with steel crank and rods from factory, these were shot peened and polished to finish off. Pistons are low comp 8.5:1. Most of the work went into the heads. I spend 65hours porting these, and at that time i was very good at doing it, it seemed to be to best way I could get more horsepower from my engines. At least thats what I thought when I was 18 years old. Oh yea the engine has never been started in all that time just rotated occasionally, oiled and is in as new condition. Also all of the exterior body work you see apart from engine bay, door jams and subframe were all done in 1988, it has been in highfill all this time, straight as an arrow :)
The car will never leave us, it's been such a long process gathering up all the high performance parts, origanal parts and finding the time to do the work while bringing up a young family and moving house several times over the last 20 years. Not far away to finish, will get cracking so we can enjoy driving the beast again soon.


*Engine: 408Ci V8
1000CFM Throttle, Autronic SMC EFI system running 42Lb racing injectors.Its fully programmable with 3D engine maps.
Superchared with a GM4-71 Huffer on top of a modified Edelbrock Torker manifold.
Cylinder Heads are fully ported/polished and matched. 1.6:1 Roller tip rockers with a Schneider race cam and followers. Hardened pushrods.
Oil system has had a few mods. Sump has wings and trap doors, extra oil gallery fitted internally to supply rear main bearings sooner, milodon oil pump mod with extra pickup doubles the stock flow rate
*Trans: A727 Torqueflight 3 speed, standard stall speed, full manual shift valve body with beffed up clutch packs and stronger carbon bands.
*Rear: Standard Dana60 diff with 2.87:1 gears. Leaf spring eye mounts have nolathane bushings fitted
*Front: Suspension completely rebuilt, race style bushings and all parts painted to suite.


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