1971 Chevrolet Camaro (Hotchkis Camaro)

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My name is David Carr of Illinois. I’ve been in the collector car hobby
for over 12 years,trading and buying cars has always been my dream. As a
child I would find myself playing with ‘Hot-Wheels’ until the wheels
fell off. As I grew older (Now 43 years young) my passion has evolved
from playing with toys to driving the real thing. My subscription to Hot
Rod magazine was always close to my bed (also other places that may not
be appropriate to write, but being a guy, you know that other “Special”
place to read!). What would grace the cover of Hot Rod in December of
2000 placed the 2nd Generation Camaro the next “Must have toy” for me,
That’s right guys, I’m talking about the Hotchkis
F71 Camaro, The ultimate American Muscle Car. Owning that Camaro was my
dream that would come true 7 years later after it was built and I first
read about it in Hot Rod. From what I’ve learned the Camaro would leave
a car collector and pass through a couple of owners before it would come
up For Sale on Ebay,passing the torch on would make me the 3rd owner
since the F71’s first tire shredding cover shot in Hot Rod magazine.
This Camaro has completed 2 Hot Rod power-tours as long haulers and I’m
looking forward to many more miles with “Team” Hotchkis.


Google Search Hotchkis Camaro Read all about the build.


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