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Mar 27, 2010 at 7:33 am
Love it !!!
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Sep 11, 2008 at 12:14 pm
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May 14, 2008 at 6:37 pm
nice! keep us posted on your progress!

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1971 Pontiac LeMans (Daisy Head Maisy)

Last updated Apr 23, 2008  

Photo of a 1971 Pontiac LeMans (Daisy Head Maisy)


I wanted a GTO Judge, or thought I did. Found out that I could never afford it unless I won the lottery. Next bright idea? Find a car I could clone. What do I find? You guessed it! 1971 Pontiac Lemans. Found it on Ebay. Won it. Pait $1700 for this car that I had to go get. My husband, my father-in-law, and I left friday after work, drove to Mass. Got there on saturday. (People there don't understand the concept of a trailer on the back of a trk.) Car started 1st try. I thought oh it won't do that when it gets home. My husband crawled under it, looked in the trunk, under the hood. He picked it to death. I wanted to drive it home, come on it started and moved on its own, I wanted to drive it! Final answer, no. Loaded it on the trailer. Got home on Sunday. Total trip 1200 miles. My car sat on the trailer for a full week. I started it every day just because I could. Again I still wanted to drive it. My husband unloads it, hardly any brakes. We take out all of the interior, seats and all. I am left with a steering wheel. The inside was terrible. Cleaned it out, and started sanding, then it got primed. Car was covered. We moved. Car sat at other house for 3 weeks. I bugged him about it non-stop. Finally, we are going to bring it home. I make a stand, I am going to drive this car. I hop in on a milk crate. (Remember the seats were removed.) I putt through town with my husband following. The brakes were terrible and still no plates because I haven't done any of that. Next to last stop sign in town, I stop, I go, and a cop pulls in behind me. Nervous didn't begin to explain what I was feeling. Stop at next stop sign, he turns. I continue with my putting, just a little faster. I come to the last stop sign where we turn onto our road. I nailed the throttle all the way around the corner. It has posi! I am so excited I am shaking. Since then we have worked on it here and there. Not like I planned. Still hoping to win that needs stuff. Back window, front windshield, interior, and a piece called rear window to trunk filler panel, patch panels, and a new paint job.


350, 5.7L, 200 H.P, automatic

Factory Options

Power steering, air conditioning, and a posi rear end. Had a vinyl top on it that someone removed that I am NOT going to replace.


None that I know of....

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