1971 Porsche 914 (mild one)

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Purchased this little 914 which came to me through a fellow who bought it by way of a Storage unit auction. He did not know what it was under the tarp and took a shot. Amazingly it was absolutely rust free, never in an accident and taken apart getting readied for paint. I have now painted it the original red and am in the process of assembling it. Transplanted a 2.0 liter engine to replace the 1.7 that was in the car. I have gathered all the pieces to upgrade the car to the “appearance” package level. It will be somewhat of a longer project for me as I also just purchased my second 928 which will move ahead of this one for work.


2.0 liter 4 cylinder 5 speed transmission

Factory Options

added appearance group package


appearance package includes vinyl sail panels, aluminum Fuch rims, 2.0 liter engine, chrome bumpers, driving lights, console with auxiliary gauges

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