1972 Chevrolet Nova 2 door (Sneaky fast)

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My parents were the original owners. Then I got it to drive to high school and through college. It sat for a few years after that until my job and life got stable enough to have a little money to spend on it. It has had several engine / transmission / power adder combinations in it over the years. It’s sort of my test bed for ideas I want to try, test, and develope.


Current engine combination is a 374 c.i. SBC. Horsepower in it’s current configation isn’t known. Previous supercharged setup calculated to approx. 930 at the crank. So far it’s best 1/4 mile is 9.54 at 142 mph at approx. 3800 lbs. on racing fuel. Completely street legal and runs of pump gas but e.t. slows to high 9’s due to different timing curve. Best 60′ time is 1.40 seconds on a 28 x 9 slick.


Mowtown block 4.125″ bore, steel billet main caps, Hawk racing 3.500″ stroke 4340 crank, Scat 4340 6.125″ rods, JE pistons, mechanical flat tappet cam, AFR 210cc heads, Super Victor intake, Moroso pan, CSU 830 carb (with several additional modifications), Aeromotive A1000 pump, TH400 with custom transbrake, GearVendors overdrive, 3.73 rear, Caltrac bars, Innovate data logger, previously a Procharger F1 head unit with custom brackets, pulleys, and a Powerstroke intercooler, currently a competely custom twin turbo setup in the debugging / tuning phase.


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