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1972 Dodge Demon


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Description: Well It's been awhile I can't beleive the last time I updated this was 2008 Oh well. I got laid off in 2008 so progress on the car became minumal 2009 was not much better got a job as a bus mechanic in late March so it took awhile to get the finaces back in order. Got her ready for paint in Dec was hopeing to have that done by the end of the year NOT. Did get her painted by Febuary. What a nightmare that was got her painted went out the next morn to look at it and found a light had decided to come undone from the ceiling and hit the drivers door and left rear quater so that took about three weeks to starighten out. Now I.m laid up haveing two disc in my back fused and screwd got to love it but at least I can walk got the vynal top on her this week didn't have to bend for that. I"m hopeing to have her done by time I go back to work in May. I still need some stuff but it will be drivable
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