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Nov 24, 2009 at 2:40 pm
I like this. Those shark gill windows are Iconic.
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Nov 23, 2009 at 12:41 pm
That is one fine looking Mopar. Beautiful!!!!...

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1973 Dodge Charger (Room Room, by my grand daughter)

Last updated Nov 23, 2009  

Photo of a 1973 Dodge Charger (Room Room, by my grand daughter)


[img][/img]Car owner and builder, Rick Aldrup
Present/Chairman Wichita Area Mopars’ (WAM)
Born 1973 Dodge Charger 400 SE
A Charger 1973 Multi-Year 440 SE-Magnum-Rallye Recreation
446 C.I. Engine, producing 469 HP, 515 ft/lbs of Torque
8 ¾ Rear End w/3.23 limited slip rear end
727 Transmission w/Mopar 10 ½ Hemi Converter

First Generation Charger 1965, 1966, 1967. Second Generation 1968, 1969, 1970. Third Generation Charger’s 1971, 1972, 1973, and 1974 last Charger of the 20th Century. 1973 Charger received a mild facelift, and for the first time since its introduction in 1966, hidden headlights were not available on any Charger model. The rear quarter window was larger, and the lower body line was now continuous, giving the car a "softer" look. The suspension was redesigned to provide a softer, quieter ride at the expense of handling. The emphasis was now clearly on luxury rather than performance. Emissions regulations continued to lessen the performance of all engines. Model lineup for 1973 Charger remained the same – Charger base coupe, mid-level hardtop or luxury oriented Charger SE. The Charger Rallye was once again available, and this year the Rallye had wide, multicolored stripes running down the flanks. Buyers choosing the Charger Rallye package or the Charger SE model, as they could still get the big 440 package. Charger’ set new sales records, with 11,995 coupes, 45,415 hardtops and a whopping 61,908 Charger SE's in sales.


1. Edelbrock Aluminum Cylinder “PERFORMER & PERFORMER RPM CYLINDER HEADS” ELD-60189, angle plug, 88cc Chamber, 214” intake, 1.81” exhausts. Bolt-on power, right out of the box. These Edelbrock Performer RPM aluminum cylinder heads feature threaded inserts in the rocker studs and exhaust manifold bolt holes for superior strength and durability, plus hardened seats, bronze valve guides, and fully machined valve cover rails for a more consistent gasket seal. The intake and exhaust runners are CNC-machine profiled for superior flow and performance. Edelbrock and Direct Connection recommend Champion Spark Plugs; Champion RC12 YC .035 thru .045 plug gap, or RC12YC5 .050 thru .060 plug gap. From Summit Racing.

3. Edelbrock Aluminum ELD-7193 Dual Plane Intake Manifold. Edelbrock “”Performer RPM Intake Manifold” has a high-rise, dual-plane layout, with a 180 degree firing order. The ultimate in street high performance Manifolds. They produce incredible top-end horsepower, while retaining good throttle response. Performer RPMs have larger plenums and runners to match the free-flowing exhaust, high-lift cams, and other modifications of a high-output engine. High-performance Street or competition engines that run from 1,500 to 6,500 rpm. From Summit Racing.

4. Holley model 4150 number # 0-80531-0, 850 CFM carburetor. Holley set up for big block crate motors. Has Vacuum secondary, Single Holley Accelerator Pump Conversion Kits Conversion Pump, 30cc to 50cc Accelerator Pump, HLY-20-11, Holley Accelerator Pump Springs Accelerator Pump Springs, Fit Holley 50cc, Set of 10, HLY 20-109-10, electric choke, duel feed center hung fuel bowl, & fuel gauge, from E-bay.

5. Tube Technologies, Inc. TTI Performance Headers 02-TTI440-178C4, made for angle plug heads, are the ultimate in high performance headers and exhaust systems exclusively for your Chrysler applications. TTI Full-Length, 1 7/8” O.D. Primary Tubes, Steel Ceramic Coated headers, for Mopar Big Block (BB), and Mopar Raised Block (RB) applications. With angled reducer set number 020RED30X30X5A-440. From Tube Technologies, Inc.

6. 1973 440 Chrysler Imperial block, from E-Bay. Block was bored .30 over to 446 C.I. By - Darrel Palmer, Darrel Automotive, Machine Shop, Furley Kansas 67147, (316) 744-3571.

7. Block; Vat-ted, shot beaded, new cam bearing, and deck clean-up .011. By - Smith Auto Machine & Supply, 3035 S Broadway St, Wichita, KS 67216 (316) 522-8138.

8. TRW-L2295F30 Pistons, 4.350 in. Bore SpeedPro TRW – 10.34 to 1 Forged Dome Top pistons, with Plasma-Moly Rings. SLP-R9278035 Piston Rings, Plasma-Moly, 4.355 in. Bore.
From C.E. Campbell Enterprise,

9. Crank and six pack Rods, were shot beaded, rods reconditioned, crank ground 10/10, and Balance. Installed bronze freeze plugs in the block. By - Duane Saum Engineering, 808 E Lincoln St. Wichita, KS 67211 (316)-267-1818.

10. Maddog Hydraulic Cam, with Comp Cam Lifters, Mopar wedge engines with hydraulic flat tappets. Operating Range 2300-5700, Cam Shaft Part number ERWWBK Performance C Single Bolt, and Cam Grind Number Ultimate Class 4. Fair idle. Strong mild performance. Needs headers. Needs 9:1+ compression. 383 needs 2500+ stall. 440 need’s 2000+ stall, 3.91 gear, and 700-800 cfm carb. Valve Setting Hydraulic Intake and Exhaust, RPM Duration, Intake 298, Exhaust 308, Valve Lift Intake.465, Exhaust 480, Lobe center 112° degrees. From E-bay.

11. COMP Cams® Magnum Roller Rocker Arms and push Rods.

The ultimate street rocker. That’s because they were designed with the serious performance enthusiast in mind. Strong: Magnum Roller Rocker Arms are made from 8620 chrome moly steel. Accurate: You can’t get maximum horsepower from your engine if your rocker ratio is off. We checked other rockers and found rockers that were as much as .040” short on lift. Magnum Roller Rockers can make between 15 and 30 horsepower over other rockers! From Summit Racing,

12. Mopar Performance 3690432 Distributor, Electronic, Magnetic Pickup, Adjustable Vacuum Advance. Considering Chrysler was one of the first auto companies to offer a factory electronic ignition, it makes sense that these Mopar Performance electronic distributors can give you a high-performance advance curve with OEM reliability. From Summit Racing.

13. Mopar Performance 4120534 Ignition Controller, Mopar Chrome ECU, Chrome ignition controllers for hotter spark and more ignition capability. They're great for general high performance use up through 8,000 rpm. From Summit Racing.

14. Mallory 29217 Ignition Coil, Canister, Round, Oil Filled, Chrome, 58,000 V. Canister-style ignition coils from Mallory feature an oil-filled design and an arc-resistant alkyd top for superior performance, insulation, and cooling. These universal coils are available for several different distributor types, and work even better when used with your other Mallory components. From Summit Racing.

15. MSD #31313 Custom Fit Wire Set (BLACK) Super Conductor Spark Plug Wire Set. MOPAR, 383-440,
8.5mm Super Conductor Wires MSD’s 8.5mm Super Conductor Wire is the best performance wire available. From the copper alloy conductor to the heavy duty boots, the MSD 8.5mm is engineered to outperform any and all spark plug wires. Factory wires usually have over 3,000 ohms per foot of resistance while the MSD 8.5mm Wire has less than 50 ohms! That means more spark energy makes it to the spark plug gap for increased combustion and more power. MSD’s custom wire sets are test fit on their application and are equipped with any special boots that the factory may offer along with MSD’s heavy duty boots and Dual Crimp Terminals on the other side. From Summit Racing.

16. ARP Cylinder Head & Rod Bolts, and Mopar Oil Pan Windage Tray, from Summit Racing.

17. BB/RB Aluminum Water pump, and Right Hand Aluminum Water Pump Housing, from

18. Copper Radiator, 17 1/2 X 26 X 2 ½ inches, 4 core, using utilizing High efficiency core, close tube centers. Serpentine fins, with in-line tube construction 1/2" tubes on 3/8" tube centers.
B&R Radiator, Inc 1015 West 53rd, Park City Kansas 67504. 316-838-8497

19. Cloyes Street True Roller Timing Chains and Mopar Bronze Distributor gear, from Summit Racing.

20. Stainless steel Allen bolts for Mid-West Fastener 235 Industrial Drive, Mulvane Kansas, 316-777-4100,

21. DB Electrical-Starters-Alternators, New Chrome 95 amp Alternator, and Chrome Regulator, from E-bay.

22. Mini- High Torque Starter Motor, 4:1 Gear Reduction. From

23. Battery to truck kit, with 3/8” inch junction terminal block red, from Summit Racing.

24. FLX-295, Flex-a-lite Fan 26 ¼ W x 15 ½ H, 12” Dual Fans, from Summit Racing.

Fits models with 28 in. wide core only. This kit includes universal mounting brackets , 13.5 inch 8 blades fans, an adjustable thermostat (160-240 degrees), an air conditioning relay, and a variable speed control Fan, Dual, 13.500 in. Diameter, Puller, 4,600 cfm, Black, and Plastic Kit. And Flex-a-lite FLX-032050 Electric Fan Temperature Sending Unit, which has a 3/8-18 NTP Brass Base.

25. Replace under the hood air conditioner equipment, bumper to firewall. Bouchillon Performance Engineering. 1-843-744-6559

Compressor: 6664 Sanden SD508 Compressor. "POLISHED FINISH” For Mounting Bracket Part # BPE4700, BPE4710 w/B/RB, BPE4730, BPE4735 Condenser Kits: BPE 6651. Complete Under the hood Condenser. This kit includes all Suitable R134 Components Including: Fittings, Condenser, Condenser Mounting Brackets, Hoses, Dryer and Dryer Mounting Bracket, Hose Mounting Straps, R134 Expansion Valve, Clutch Cycling Switch, Suction Evaporator Fitting.

26. Fronts, Center Lines Wheels, 15X7, backspacing 3.313 inches. Offset -17mm, from Summit Racing.

27. Fronts, BF Goodrich Radial T/Tires, Solid White letters P225/60R15, Tire Diameter 25.60 Inches, and 7.20 inches wide, from Summit Racing.

28. Rears, Center Lines Wheels, 15X8 ½, Backspacing 3.313 inch. Offset -36 mm, from Summit Racing.

29. Rears, BF Goodrich Radial T/A Tires, Solid White letters P255/60R15, Tire Diameter 26.80 Inches, and 10.20 inches wide, from Summit Racing.

30. A-727 Mopar P5359469AB A-727 Rear accumulator, spring, and shift improvement package 1971 to 1986 ½. Enjoy firmer, quicker shifts with these Shift Improver Packages. On 1971–86.5 A-727/A-904 transmissions, the part-throttle kickdown is retained. Mopar Automatic Transmission Parts.

31. A-727 Mopar TransGo TF-2 Shift Kit item #727-TF2. 1962 and up. Ideal for applications that, provides quicker shifts, eliminates 2-3 overlap. Kit includes a modified manual valve that allows the converter to fill in Park.

32. A-727 Mopar 4 Ring Billet Aluminum Accumulator Piston. Fits 46RH, 46RE, 47RH, 47RE, 48RE, 518, 618, and 500. And 727, 904 transmissions. Billet Aluminum 4 Ring Zero Leak Accumulator Piston. Comes with 4 SPX Gold Stripe steel rings. 1-888-201-2066

33. Transmission Rebuild, From TSR Racing Products, and Transco shift kit. TSR Racing Products, Sales: 1-800-394-5889, Tech Line: 1-800-355-8955, Fax Line: 1-888-394-5889

A-727 Handbook Item# 727-1399 1962-1973. Written by Carl Munroe, the owner of TSR Racing Products, this book is your complete guide to the A-727 TorqueFlite. This Handbook contains over 250 pages and more than 500 photos and illustrations. This book is the only resource you will need to rebuild, service, or modify the A-727 for any application, from stock to an all out race unit.

A-727 Overhaul Kit, OEM without Bands. Item#727-K22000A 1971 and up. Overhaul kit recommended for OEM style rebuilds. Includes 4 front frictions, 4 rear frictions, 7 steels, gasket and seal kit, bushing kit, spring and roller kit for the overrunning clutch, filter and a seal up kit.

A-727 Kickdown Band, Red, Solid with Oil Grove. Item #727-22825R, 192 and up. Red lined solid kickdown band. Recommended for all heavy duty and race applications. This band has an oil groove in the center and is recommended for use on OEM or steel front clutch retainers.

A-727 Rear Band, Red 1962-1989 (Low/Reverse) Item#727-22900Rlined replacement rear band. Recommended for all heavy duty applications where the transmission is downshifted to manual low often. Fits 1962-1989 models

A-727 Front Retainer Springs, Heavy Duty, item# 727-22100HDS. A set of 15 heavy duty return springs for the front clutch retainer. Recommended for all race and high performance applications. Helps to slightly delay the application of the high clutch, reducing binding on the 2-3 shifts. Also recommended for transbrake use.

A-727 Kickdown Lever 4.2 Ratio. Item #727-2124589 1962 and up. Billet steel 4.2 kickdown lever. Manufacture red by TSR, we recommend for all high performance and race applications.

A-727 Overrunning Clutch Assembly, Bolt-In with Hardened outer Race, 1966-1990. Item # 727-127000.

Bolt in overrunning clutch kit, includes hardened outer race, inner race, modified spring tang plate, spring & rollers. This kit is an absolute necessity in any performance or race application. Failure of the overrunning clutch can cause the front clutch retainer to spin at 2.2 times input shaft speed. This can cause the clutch retainer to explode causing injury or death

A-727 Kickdown Band Strut Long Heavy Duty. Item #727-22825hd. Heavy duty billet steel long band strut. The OEM strut often bends in performance applications. This strut is manufactured by TSR as a direct replacement for the weak OEM component. No modifications are required for installation

34. Mopar MP 17801 Torque Converter 10 ½”, 75K Rating, 2400-2800 STALLS. From E-bay.

35. Custom original front springs support brackets, and Rear offset shackles. From Jegs High Performance.

36. 8 ¾” rear end, with 3.23 gears, and sure grip, from E-Bay. 62-70 Mopar B Body Rear Axle housing, measure 8 ¾ - 55.00” (old 8 ¼ -57.80”) wide, from flange to flange; 8 ¾ -44.00” (old 8 ¼ - 47.30”) wide, from leaf spring centerline to centerline. Changing the axle to a earlier B Body Narrows the rear end 2.8 inches, and the spring perches 3.3 inches.

37. Rear Disc Brake, 10.5 in. Diameter Rotors, Summit SUM-BK1329, 1-Piston Calipers, Parking Brake, Mopar, Kit Inch Rear Disc Brakes Easily update your rear brakes with a Summit® drum-to-disc conversion, include: Rotors, Calipers, Backing plates, Mounting brackets, Brake hoses and banjo bolts, and Installation hardware.

38. Front /Rear Bumpers Re-Chrome. By Kansas Body Work, 1137 N Mosley, Wichita KS 67214. 316-263-5506

39. Front and Rear Bumper Support brackets Sand Blasted.
By - LORAC Company 624 E Harry Wichita KS 316-263-2565

40. MOOG IDLER ARMS, BALL JOINTS, UPPER or LOWER, JOINTS -- High Quality Direct Fit OEM Replacement Ball Joint, Features A Housing Forged From Fine-Grain Alloy Steel For Unequaled Strength And Durability, Boasts Powdered-Metal Gusher Bearings That Resist Wear Better Than Conventional Designs, Has Pressed-In Cover Plates To Provide A Solid-Steering Feel, Allows Contamination Prevention And Debris To Flush Out When Being Serviced From Auto Parts Warehouse call, 1-800-913-6119

41. Dodge Charger Magnum 1971 Ralley Budge Hood. Kansas Dry Stripping, Media Blasted the hood. 6017 S Oliver, Derby, Ks 67037, 316-788-8923.

42. Front Spoiler, 1971-1974 Dodge Chargers.

Reproduction of the full length one piece front spoiler molded in black polyethylene plastic, as original. Superior in durability to incorrect fiberglass reproductions. Correct style mounting fasteners included. Ready to Install. Although originally offered only in 1971, will fit all 1971-74 Charger models. Made in USA. A Mopar Authentic Restoration Product. By, Dante Parts, http://www.da...rspoiler.html

43. Rear Go Wing Spoiler/Rear Spoiler Underside Brackets. 1970-1974 A/B/E body.

Value priced reproduction spoiler kit includes the following: wing blade constructed of high-density black polyethylene plastic (originally constructed of fiber-reinforced plastic) supplied in primer; wing to pedestal attachment brackets; (2) pedestals constructed of ABS plastic with steel inserts (originally constructed of zinc die cast metal); gaskets; mounting studs. A quality, reproduction wing spoiler--with correct spacing between pedestals--that mimics the overall look of the 1970 spoiler design. By, Dante Parts, http://www.da...rspoiler.html

44. ADD - Hideaway Lights off a 1972 Charger, From E-bay.

45. Interior converted from bench seats to buckets seats. Installed Center Consoled, and removed column shift, and reinstalled floor ****, and column, from E-bay.

46. Interior Amber Gold (Yellow, 1973 only). New custom upholstery front buckets and rear bunched seats, dyed Center Consoled, seat backs, and most of the interior panel. from E-Bay
Interior by - Morgan and Bulleigh, Upholstery, 1305 E Central, Wichita Kansas, 67214, (316) 265-4663.

47. New Generation Ralley Tach, from

48. Magnum Ralley Dash Gauges, from E-bay

49. Pistol grip, pro-shifter, from Firestone Collectibles. From E-bay.


February 5th & 6th 2010 – WAM –Participation -Sun Flower Swap Meet – WAM! Has a booth, free use of the booth to its members. Friday & Saturday Kansas at the Wichita Coliseum. http://www.wi...wapmeet08.htm
February 16th 2010. WAM! Tuesday Meeting, Meet at Senior Center
March 16th 2010. WAM! Tuesday Meeting, Meet at Senior Center
April 20th 2010. WAM! Tuesday Meeting, Meet at Senior Center
May/June 2010 WAM! Club renewal drive months. Membership ends May 30th 2010, Make sure you get your club discount for the car show, and renew at the same time, membership must be paid up to get the discounts. Those of you who still have different month’s renewal months of renewals’ let us know, we will make adjustments.
May 7th 2010. WAMs! Burger Run Meet at Central & West at 6pm
May 18th 2010. WAM! Tuesday Meeting, Meet at Senior Center

May 22nd 2010. WAMs! Cook out…Meet at Sedgwick County Park - Starts at 11:30 am to 5 pm. Bring Your Hotrods. WAMs! – Picnic, open event, Other Mopar Clubs are invited, just show up. Don’t forget lounge chairs, horse shoes, Valley Ball, Bad mitten, maybe some softball, but most of all bring your Family, friends, and hot rods. Chairman, Rick Aldrup

June 4th 2010. WAMs! Burger Run Meet at Central & West at 6pm Chairman.
June 13th 2010. WAM – Convoy - Sunday 11 a.m. till 4 p.m. The Annual All Wheels CAR SHOW. Hosted by Wichita Area Council of Car Clubs. Lake Afton, Kansas. -Mike, 316-744-9387
June 15th 2010. WAM! Tuesday Meeting, Meet at Senior Center
June 19th 2010. WAM Car Show – Chairmen’s: Mike Saville & Ron Mayes.
Car Show Includes: Show plaque, ditty bag, door prizes. Schedule: 7:00 am NLT Set up, Committee Members, 8:00 Registration open for show cars, 9:00 Gates Open to Public, 3:00 PM Awards, 4:00 PM. *Exhibitors*Swap Area*Music*Food*Prizes* Show Participants Sedgwick County Park, 13th & Zoo Blvd, Wichita, KS, Wichita, Kansas 67212.
July 10th 2010. - Sat - WAM – Convoy - Automobilia's Moonlight CAR SHOW & Street Party, along 1st Street, Downtown Wichita. Gary Carpenter, 316-264-9986.
July 16th 2010. WAM! Burger Run Meet at Central & West at 6pm
July 20th 2010. WAM! Tuesday Meeting, Meet at Senior Center
August 6th 2010. WAMs! Burger Run Meet at Central & West at 6pm.

August 17th 2010. WAM! Tuesday Meeting, Meet at Senior Center
- NEW WAMs! Officer Nominations
Aug 26, 27, 28, 29, 2010. WAM –Participation - Black Top National Car Show.
September 3th, 2010. WAMs! Burger Run Meet at Central & West at 6pm.
September 10th & 11th 2010. WAM –Participation -Stay Kats, Rod and Custom Car Show – Wichita Aviation Museum. West side and between McConnell AFB, and Boeing.
September 21st 2010. WAM! Tuesday Meeting, Meet at Senior Center – NEW! WAMs! Officer Elections
October 19th 2010. Tuesday Meeting, Meet at Senior Center
WAMs! Cruiser Burger Run’s
May 7th, June 4th, July 16th, August 6th, and September 3th 2010
Bring Your Hotrods – Open event, all Mopar Clubs are invited, just show up bring your lounge chairs, your family, and hot rods, and lets cruse over and join the Friday’s night Cruise-in at Plaza West Shopping Center Central and West starts at 6 PM. Their lots of places to eat. Every Friday night - March through September.