1973 Pontiac Grand Am (ga ta)

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Very nice restorration totally stock except 2 1/4 pipes and flow masters

Factory Options

tilt air rallies cruise control working a/c but not working, also L-78 engine optional 400 4 barrel factory dual exhust car which was rated 230 over 165 with the standard 2 barrel single exhust. got the repo window sticker from PHS. 400 4 barrel and $48.00 option dual exhust $32.00. $90.00 well spent. this full frame and body car hauls a–! floats down the freeway at 70 mph cloth interrior too


bone stock the way I like them


  • this really starting to come together or should i say apart. my body guy took the rusted fenders and doors off and is painting the jams door hinges. he’ll be replacing the doors and fender with rust free ones. he’s going line up the replacement fenders and doors. then jam it and paint the lips of the fenders the sides of the doors and hood and hinges and the firewall post in the door jam. someone in the 70’s or 80’s bondo it up and spray this nasty black undercoating in the front of the door jams and on the top of the fenders inside the engine compartment

  • Sounds like a great project! These ’73-’77 GM Midsize cars are among the least-appreciated cars out there. (I once owned a ’73 Chevelle Laguna wagon)

  • the restoration is moving at a snail’s pace because of lack of affordable donor 1/4 panels. the shop that’s doing the work I have nothing but the highest praise for. The owner Pat rocks.

  • i realized when i was robbing parts from the doors i replaced neither of them where original. the driver side was a black gm replacement and the passengers side was a silver door. the body shop said it had 3 to 4 coats of paint. it had been bondo up afew times. i cut all the rust out. i hope. its like cancer though. drove the car down to Original parts group in seal beach………i was talking with a guy at classic industries in hunting beach and he said he found parts thre for his 74 lemans. found only side door ash trays for 70 bucks a pop. everthing is pretty much 64 to 72 gto lemans tempest

  • These was factory dual exhaust car with 2 inch pipes and dual midas mufflers. I replace the complete exhaust with 2 1/4 pipes with a cross over and dual flowmaster in stock configuration. It was to loud for purchaser so he had replaced with the stock pipes and mufflers. the flowmasters and new exhaust where less then 3 months old. I asked him what the new installer gave him for the exhaust system i’d just installed He replied nothing and the installer charged him $500.00 to replace the cross over system. You know the installer didn’t throw that stuff away. i would love to have it to put on my 1977 grand prix s/j. What a purformance jump that would be. the 77 g/p has single exhaust with a cat converter.

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