1974 pontiac trans-am (Lucky)

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I had purchased a 74 TA new back in 74 & I kept the car for eleven years. Its what I owned when I met my wife & got married. Ever since I sold it I regreted it. Everywhere we went we would see TAs ,but they were always newer. I saw this one at a dealership while returning from a trip to visit my daughter in college. I looked at it in the pouring rain & went home to think about it. I went back a week later & the car was gone. I called the dealership & asked them about it. They said it had been there for two years & the owner had just taken it back. I got his number from them & gave him a call. I went out to look at the car 7 give it a test drive. It had quite a fewproblems from loose & missing parts to rust all over the roof going down to the rear quarters. The car was $8500.00 at the dealership & this guy was huge. He did not fit in the car comfortably & just wanted to get rid of it. He was asking $7000.00. I offered $6500.000 & he agreed. I’m glad he took it home!!!! I did not tell my wife about it. I took her to inner one night & had my brother in law bring it to the restaurant & take my daily driver. When we left she said wheres the car & I said oh well lets take this one home. She was only a little angry & got over it quickly. e have since joined a car club made many new friends & are having a great time in our TA. I found out later that only about 10,000 were made in 74 & about 117,000 were made in 79 after Smokey & the Bandit everyone had to have one. I have no plans on selling unless I can get a super duty or a 69 TA.

Factory Options

4 spd,AC,400 4BLL.rear defroster ,Honeycomb wheels,AM/FM stereo


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