1976 Buick Skyhawk (FRANKENHAWK)

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Complete Restoration Project for:
[b]1976 Buick Skyhawk[/b]

This car was completely stripped, then sandblasted.
Undercarriage & Wheel Wells were primed & painted immediately after sandblasting.

Interior & Engine Compartment primed and painted in my garage.

Exterior just primed at this time.

Interior insulation/Sound Deadener installed.

Remanufactered Brake booster, Master Cyl. Rear brake cylinders, & calipers installed. New Distribution valve, rotors, and brake line
(differential metal line) installed.
Primed, and holding pressure.

Engine Started, and fine tuned on July 7…



1966 Buick 300 cid bone stock with 1976 2GC rochester.

Factory Options

ZERO…Factory options are GARBAGE!!!


*Custom cut flywheel off of a 231 Oddfire, drastically reduced in weight…

*Stock cast pistons highly polished, skirts pitted w/engraver for oil impregnation, then hand sanded for smoothness w/Scotch Brite pad, then washed…

*Engine rebalanced, and personally rebuilt…

*Stock 1966 Buick 300 cid V-8 installed, as if it were made for this car…

*Taller aluminum valve covers installed on 300 from a 1995 Land Rover (215 cid aluminum V-8). Chrome breathers epoxied into valve covers.

*Stainless steel stock headers (from Land Rover) require major modifications to driver side, to fit in compartment. Right now, I’m using the Cast exhaust manifolds from the 1966 Buick Special…

*Rochester 2 bbl plenium off of a 1976 231 oddfire manifold, machined to fit ’66 manifold…

*Steering repositioned within 10 deg. for stock exhaust manifold clearance…

*Twin 10 electric radiator fans installed with Haden(?) adjustable thermostat control…

*Role cage reconfigured at actual seat level, for ease of entry/exit.

*Kwik Wire 22 circuit harness installed within 1996 Saturn fuse and relay center (hollowed out), and installed adjacent to brake booster (see Picture passenger side perspective).
Old fuse location retrofitted with a 4″x4″ piece of plexiglass, w/holes for wire passage.

*Chrome interior dome light from a Lincoln Limo custom drilled to fit stock dome light location…

*Skyhawk converted to a 2 seater. Rear seat area is now a speaker box system (w/lid) and contains amp, EQ, etc.. 2 Hard Drive Computer fans are installed for cooling.
*Additional storage bins from a Nissan 280ZX are installed in lid.

* ALL gauges in this car are MECHANICAL. ALL “IDIOT” lights were removed from harness.

*Dash carrier was lightly buffed with Scotch Brite pad, cleaned with mineral spirits and repainted w/brown leather paint. (Valspar Plastic paint)
*Dash pad reupholstered w/leather.
*Gauge console was modified to accept AutoMeter (Phantom) gauge package. Gauge console now covered w/Luan.

*For now, the ENTIRE (bulky, leaky and inefficient) HVAC system has been removed, until I can redesign something. Defroster duct area has been covered with Luan panels screwed into the metalwork. ALL holes are covered with sheetmetal. Fan hole (in firewall) is retrofitted w/commercial ‘Mayonnaise’ jar lid (painted). All heater hoses (water pump/manifold) are removed and rubber plugged at the source.

*Shifter/Armrest console reupholstered in leather. Luan custom cut to fit at shifter area.

*10 CD changer installed in glove box.

*Laun headliner custom cut and installed.

*Car “silent” alarm system installed.
*Sun/Moon roof installed w/anti theft Micro switches. ALL door jambs are wired to Silent Alarm.
*”PROTECTED BY AR 15″ stickers installed on rear & quarter glass to deter theft.

*SEE: Pics for details!


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