1977 Ford Granada (Granada)

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I’ve had this car since 1996. It was my first car and I can’t seem to get rid of it, so it has followed me into adulthood. I bought from the original owner with 44K on it. Mechanically the car is sound, great running 302 and very solid. Cosmetically it needs work though and I’ll get there – I’m in no real hurry. It got hit really hard on the driver’s rear quarter a few years ago and the original door was pretty rotten after a few Cleveland winters.

With all that damage it still turns heads because it’s ugly and no one thought to keep a Granada alive all this time. I rarely see them in our area with a V8.


302 V8
C-4 Automatic Transmission
0-60 time: too embarrassing to post

Factory Options

Rear Defroster
Air Conditioning
Power Steering
Dual Sport Mirrors
Factory Undercoating


Aftermarket CD player w/amp
Gabriel High Jackers Adjustable Air Shocks
Partially repainted


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