1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme (Aunt Evelyn)

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Price: 8300.00
Mileage: 22000.00 miles
Color: white


This car has been in the same family, passed down from Aunt Evelyn to my son when he was 14. At that time it had 18,000 miles on it. It now has 22,000 miles and she is beautiful. Tan landau roof on white body w/tan interior gives a great look. Has been garaged in all seasons Nothing at all has been done to vehicle to change it from its original status. About as close to original as possible, but for some reason she purchased new tires at 10,000 miles. Could have been rotted rubber, but difficult to imagine inside garage. The spare tire even has the green on it like all new whitewalls prior to being washed off when placed on car.


This is where I get lost because I really am not mechanically inclined. I’ll tell you what I do know. It has ice cold A/C and great heat, both almost immediate. It is powered by the Rocket 350, 4BBL carb. She is a glider and gives a ride similar to my Town Car in terms of the floating sensation. Classified, I’d say, as more luxury than sport as Olds was making the transition at that time,

Factory Options

Aunt Evelyn wasn’t much for options. It has no power windows or anything of that nature. As stated above, wonderful A/C, power steering of course, AM radio, floor mats, 3 speed automatic transmission are the things that come to mind.


Absolutely zero. I wanted to keep this car in its original condition and allow any other owner to do what they might wish to do. Personally, I am more of a luxury car person, and thought adding muscle and things that go along with that type of change would take away from car, but like I said, I look at things differently. I do apologize for the one photo. I was in a hurry and I took shots from different angles, but not one that captured the full essence of the car. This is a front end only look, but there is nothing hiding, and I’d be happy to send a variety of photos to anyone with interest in purchasing vehicle.


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