1979 nissan/datsun 280zx (barrel of mosquitoes)

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Price: 2000.00
Mileage: 129000.00 miles
Color: poo brown with p


Bought this car almost ten years ago, it sat in a shed because I didnt have the time to work on it.
Finally got to this summer, went through the whole suspension and brake system,all new, with polyurethane bushings. I have a set of 16 inch wheels that I am going to be putting on it, and a new motor that im going to be rebuilding “spicy” to put in it. Nice riding car, with about 300 miles on it since i went through it. also put a stereo in it because the factory system was atrocious.


Car weighs a little over 2800 lbs, has 130 horse for now with a 2.8 straight six, I put a cold air intake on it, not real fast right now, quicker than some, but not nearly enough. 0-60 in about 7.5 seconds, nice two seater car.

Factory Options

has air, but i took the belt off, power windows, split sunroof, not sure if it was factory supplied like that though.


cold air intake, free flowing exhaust, poly bushings, infiniti m30 springs and three way adjustable struts.


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