1979 Pontiac Trans Am (Blonde Bomb Shell)

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This is my 1979 Pontiac Trans Am. For my 16th birthday in 2002 I bought this car for $3500. It only had 65,000 original miles on the odometer. It now has 73,000 miles on it. The motor is a 4 barrel 301 V8 with a 350 Turbo transmission. Everything on this car is stock; from the interior to the motor everything is the same from the factory. I even have the original Rally II wheels that came with the car. The only thing that is not original is the radio. A little over 3 years ago I had the car repainted. Its still the stock color and the only reason it needed a new paint job was because the old paint had become cracked and faded. This Trans Am has a rare interior/motor combination. This is the only 301 car I have found with blue carpet and white vinyl interior. In the near future I plan on redoing the entire interior. Everything is still in good shape, but since the seats and panels are white, they have become layered with dirt. The reason my friends and I call it the blonde bomb shell is because its nice to look at, but its slow as hell. Its the classic oil crisis motor with no power. It might be slow, but I like my Trans Am just the way it is.


[b]Manufacturer:[/b] GM
[b]Engine:[/b] 301V8 OHV 150 hp (sad but true)
[b]Transmission[/b] 350 turbo
[b]Length:[/b] 198.1 in
[b]Width:[/b] 73 in
[b]Height:[/b] 49.3 in
[b]Fuel capacity:[/b] 21 gallons
[b]Top Speed:[/b] 110MPH

Factory Options

[b]Factory Options[/b]
350 Turbo Transmission with Slap Shift
Power Steering
Vinyl Seats
Rear Window Defogger
Wind Shield Antenna
Full Spoiler Kit
Rally II Wheels 15X7


Basically I really have not done anything. I want to keep the car stock. The only things I have done are I put a CD player in (the car did not come with the original radio) and chrome rims (I still have the original Rally II).


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