1979 Pontiac Trans Am (Cameo)

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This car had been left outside for over a year. It was sitting under a tree with no cover at all. Tree sap, dust, bird crap, you name it was all over this car. T tops were in place but not fastened. Luckily, the rain hadn’t damaged the interior too badly. When the hood was lifted, rats had nested underneath and had chewed all the wiring and everything was such a mess it looked hopeless!..We towed the car home and washed it with a kitchen scouring sponge and once the filth started coming off the paint shined!! (Couldn’t believe I washed it with the scour side and didn’t damage the paint!) After a couple of days and new wiring and vacuum lines, the car started right up. It’s not perfect, but is a great car to drive.


403 Olds engine, auto. 241 gear.

Factory Options

Came with rally wheels, custom interior, power windows, air, tilt, T-top, etc.


Interior has been redone. Seats have a crushed look velour in center section. Snowflake wheels have replaced the rally wheels that originally came on the car. Hood has an ’81 bird (previous owner thought it looked better)


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