1980 Pontiac Sunbird (Justa LIL RC)

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Found these LIL Zip Zaps RC’s and bondo’ed up a Mustang body N carved out a Sunbird. Added Chrome, Bought a hotwheel size car N pulled the motor for final touch on the LIL Bird. These can be highly modified with different motors, gears rim tire setups ect. While working @ Pontiac Motors a bunch of us bought these N raced em on tracks we set up on the floor during our breaks! LMAO GOOD TIMES! We had a dragstrip, road course, a 4X4 extreme mogul course and a hillclimb that went completely vert @ 4 1/2 ft off the ground. Spotters marked the highest point achieved. We even swapped gears out N did truck pulls. All off AAA batterys that recharge the vehicles in less than 2 minutes off the controller. These cars have a 25ft range. It’sa lil tore up from many hours of playtime.


Have all the motors/ gears/ tire combos for what ever racing we were doing or you were challenged in.
Yea I’m waaaay to old to grow up now.

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