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From album more rare MoTiOn SuperCars by Motion_Corvette
gmmg 2002 Never happend

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Jun 21, 2009 at 5:59 pm
the reasons for the cancellation of the Berger/Motion/GMMG project are being asked for. First of all, this was going to be a neat project and one that all three parties are sorry that it didn't happen. It is tough to put together a project like this since we had never done this with Berger or any other dealership. Bringing in Joel and the Motion theme was a great idea and I know Joel, Matt Berger, Dennis and myself were all very interested in making this happen. As time went on, I was finding it more and more difficult to keep everyone together on this project. I have to give my best to Joel Rosen on this project because if anyone of us thought he was no longer interested in cars or high performance cars, we were wrong. He is still very much interested in these cars and very interested in building such a car. There was never any problem between Joel, myself or Matt Berger. The real reason that this project was cancelled was that the three of us could not come to an agreement on what this car should look like and the power it should have. Joel wanted his car to look like what he wanted and Matt Berger wanted something different.

This was a project presented to us (Berger/GMMG) by a few of the members of the SYC, including Tom. Berger and GMMG were working on doing a project when the idea was presented to do a Motion car. We have the cars and will continue to do a project with them that will be of interest to many of you. Sadly, it will not be a Motion theme, or Motion style stripes or with Joels involvement. It is tough trying to pull together two big names in this industry and make one car when they both have great ideas, but are very different in design ideas. I believe Joel and his ideas would work and if created, would be a BAD ASS Camaro with more power than anything out there; however, Matt felt that the direction he wanted to go in was not in the interest of Joel. Unfortunately for the Motion enthusiasts, Matt owns the cars and is funding this project, and as my investor, I have to follow his wishes and direction. Joel said that if it isn't what he want then it isn't going to be called a Motion Camaro. I know that Berger or GMMG will not copy or use any of the Motion ideas for the project that will still go on.

I could go on and on here, but the point is that we tried to make it happen and before too much more time and money was spent, we decided to cancel this project. I did not feel that either side was willing to bent on their intent for the car, and I asked Matt to change direction on this project before any more money or time was lost. I hope that maybe Joel and Marty could put something together, to make a modern Motion car, because the interest is here for one, and the ideas Joel has are very wild and cool.

As for the Berger/Motion Ad in Muscle Car Review . . . it was brought up to Bergers ad dept that if they could put together an ad in 24 hours, since a full page color ad was cancelled in the magazine by another vendor, then the magazine would cut the cost of the ad to Berger Chevy. Their ad dept put it together and Joel; was made aware of it, and a copy was emailed to Joel by me that night. Any changes to be made were just not in the time limit allowed and we all agreed on it. We also agreed to do a second ad that Joel would have the ability to make changes to it to include his name, etc. I don't want to go any further into this ad because Muscle Car Review started printing the magazine before the Supercar Reunion. At that time, Joel, Berger and GMMG were moving forward with the project. Joel even mentioned at the Reunion that he was working with Berger and GMMG to do a Motion Camaro. Ads and articles for most magazines are put together and finalized up to 3 months in advance. The project was offically cancelled this week; therefore, the ad could never have been cancelled. It is maybe a collectors piece and something that will remind us of the Motion project that would have made the Camaro enthusiasts stand up and take notice.


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