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Slideshow for the “82 Eldorado powered by Injected 472 "The Cadinator"” album.

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Description: I took these photos of the Cadinator a few months after the motor started knocking. I had only driven it 212 miles since the motor swap and was still working out a few bugs. Too bad the car went down at a time when I was working a low income job and could not afford to have it rebuilt. Now that I work at Falcon jet, income is not a problem. I hope to resurrect the car in the near future. I sold the 16 X 8 Trans Am wheels that were on it, and will be looking for 17 X 9.5 or 18 X 9.5 Vette wheels when it goes back together. This monster only weighs 3,680 pounds, maked 535 lbs. of torque at 3200 RPMs and has the potential of getting 26 MPG depending on the transmission and gear ratio the final combination has.
By: CadVetteStang
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Updated: Sat Oct 11, 2008 9:44 am
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