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May 1, 2014 at 3:40 am
I would be happy to post a photo but I do not know how at this time. I don't live on the internet.

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1983 Dodge SHELBY Charger 2-door coupe (Mr."B")

Last updated May 1, 2014  

Photo of a 1983 Dodge SHELBY Charger 2-door coupe (Mr."B")


Being a life-long motor-head and a long time Shelby Fan, in March of 1983 my Ex wife, Markey and I bought this '83 1/2 Dodge Shelby Charger from the late Raytown Dodge - after a long search. At the time only 2 dealerships had one or two and no dealers on the Kansas side offered them. We auto-crossed, raced, and ran the pee out of this car. It's been to performance driving schools, and numerous cross country road trips with other Shelby Dodge Club members. I still own and show this car.


Shelby's and Chrysler's engineers modified these car designs before they were eventually manufactured at Chrysler in limited numbers. 9.9 to 1 compression, modified engine control module, 14 to 1 power steering rack, stiffer struts all around, larger front brakes, ground affects and air dam, 5-speed manual transmission, custom Shelby interior, special Shelby paint job w/stripes, 50 series Goodyear Gatorback tires on Shelby aluminum alloy wheels. These cares were designed for amateur auto racing right from the dealerships.

Factory Options

I chose the no option Shelby Dodge Charger to keep the weight light. It only weighs 2300 pounds. At that time there were no turbocharged engines available. Only two color combinations were offered and I chose the Santa Fe blue with silver racing stripe and ground affects. The other option would have been silver with blue stripe and ground affects. I passed on the sun roof, cassette deck stereo, rear defrosters, chrome air cleaner, etc.


I've managed to keep this car "appearing" 99% original but it does now have gas powered Monroe GP struts all around, a roller-cam head, shorter throw shift improver kit, catalytic converter back free flow exhaust, and K & N filter. Through the years I've repaired a multitude of things myself as it's become needed. For most difficult repairs I've paid professionals.