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Sep 5, 2010 at 3:01 pm
Many Many Race Days Later, We finally Blew the motor up in the little truck, As of right now the truck is going under major internal surgery, getting a full engine rebuild making this truck Stouter than ever before, so expect some heavy hitting coming out of this one soon!
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Aug 1, 2009 at 3:56 pm
Sometime in the near future the Ugly Truck Racing Team will rise again, and when we do this little old truck will be as bad as ever! Leaving the line pullin tire and burnin rubber.....we WILL rise again!

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1983 Mitsubishi Mighty Max (Ugly Truck)

Last updated Dec 1, 2009  

Photo of a 1983 Mitsubishi Mighty Max (Ugly Truck)


I built this truck about 15 years ago.I love to street race it.I used to race at the Dallas Drag-strip here in Dallas,Ga.until after 50 years they closed it. Now it mostly gets a few runs up the road and back.Can't go too far @ $9.00 a gallon for fuel. Real ground pounder !! ----------
We raced it in the Pinks All Out race at the Atlanta Drag-way in May.We ran .006 seconds too fast @10.24 in the 1/4 mile.They picked a class of 16 cars that ran 10.30 in the 1/4 mile.Oh well we had a great time !!!! It is now running a consistent 10.22 in the 1/4 mile.----------
We have now run Montgomery Alabama Pinks And ran To slow(BAD WEEKEND!) They picked a high 9 field. lots went wrong that weekend, it just wasn't our weekend, with fire and near crashes We just went about our way and packed up and went home!.-----------
And now we have ran Memphis Tennessee Pinks And ran to slow again Running 10.40's with some rotten fuel--(Honestly the fuel was BAD Smelled Like Propane and the other fuel was watered down!)They picked another High 9 field. Like i said we had a good time!------
Well if everything hasn't went wrong in the past couple of races it really did in Indianapolis, Well after following PAO from Memphis to Indianapolis we arrived in Indy at about 4 am and well all seemed to be going good and so we took a small snooze and ended up being around the 200's because of that little snooze we had took... we ended up getting passed by that morning when the gates were opened, but no big deal..... Well as we lined up for the first qualifying pass that morning we did our usual burnout and got up and staged and got on the trans brake and let off and KA-BOOM! The planetary in the 15+year old transmission exploded, and well we ended up being pushed off the track....And at the trailer we sat with a broke truck, wondering what to do.........And well some of us said "Pack up and go home" the other half were saying "Find a transmission" and well as we raised our hands and voted we started to run looking for a transmission.....Low and behold we found one, but it was about 2 hours out....And well we didn't go and get it, but the owner of that transmission said he could rebuild it for us...We got it rebuild and was driving the truck that night, next morning we were up and at em, went out for our 2nd tree pass and barely made it down the track! NO NITROUS....the cylinoids on our Nitrous kit were not coming on and we made the most embarrassing pass we have ever made, well fixed that problem and got out on the track again for the arm drop pass and got on the trans brake and let go of it and KA-BOOM the planetary exploded again! So this time it we packed up and went on our way, owell, that was a fun 24 hours in Indy!

The Ugly Truck is still broke, and will remain broke for a long time! We will be back!


The engine is a stroker small block Chevy.The engine dynoed @ 612 HP (without NOS) The truck will pull the front end,and does run consistent 6.60s on motor.(In the 1/8 mile)The truck has run in the high 5.80s on the bottle! It will run faster with someone else ,who cares to work on it.( I'm bored with it).

Factory Options

paint ??


stroker sbc.less than 400 CI. 13.5 to 1 compression, dynoes @ 612 HP.on motor.I haven't dynoed on either NOS kits.I run a 2 speed glide w/ trans brake and a 5500 stall convertor,4:86 rear-end w/ full strange spool and 33 spline axles,The motor internals are all Lunati.The heads are AFR.aluminum 2.12 intake,Torker intake,Holley Dominator flowing 1194 cfm. custom headers and 3" Flow Master exhaust. Truck still has stock suspension on front and rear

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