Photo of a 1983 Pontiac Trans Am Late 83 L69 (SilverShark~Original Owner)

SilverShark~Original Owner

1983 Pontiac Trans Am Late 83 L69


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Photos in the “GTA Headrest Redo & Swap” Album

Description: I had been searching for a set of 88 GTA seats, I wasn’t concerned about the condition or if the bolsters worked, 95% don’t, the only parts I was in quest of were the multi-adjustable headrests, and the reclining seat tracks, all of which are manual and will work perfect in the 83. Finally I found a set, very rough looking at best, the passenger seat looked as though it had seen a T-Bone, however what I was after was in outstanding mechanical operation, but in very serious need of a facelift!
At first I didn’t think the headrests would work on my seats, but the guru of upholstery told me different. Sure enough push the plastic boot up and it’s the same setup, exact same size stem, everything!
So I took them in to him, we got the GTA headrests out, and the procedure began. Now with that said, had just redone the ENTIRE interior including the stock headrests, and had added 3” of memory foam to those, but they still SUCKED for comfort or just leaning back, neck strain and looking straight out of the T-TOP!
I left them with Jeff at AMA interior for a serious Face lift to match what he had previously had done. He is the dude that did my interior; I highly recommend him, quality beyond expectations, and this guy is a theme and motif guru, and will treat you right on the coin.
I wanted to keep with in the same color scheme and rolled on black.
The original gray hard parts were dyed to black,
The gray cloth front was replaced with the same Leather as he used for the seats.
Jeff modified the headrest with a new foam base that really added depth to the
Headrest, I also had him add 2-1/2” of HD foam to the front…amazing comfort!
The stems fit perfectly into my stock seats, the metal bracket that holds the head
rest down fits exact! I was blown away by the look these brought on.
I have my stock headrests as well; I do like the leather cloth combo however there
is zero comfort level on the neck!
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Stock 88 GTA gray
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Gray Plastic Dyed To Black
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