1985 Chevrolet Suburban (The Beast)

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Was just driving along a little twolane hwy. here in oklahoma one day, delivering a unit for work some way from home…. When i looked over to the side of the road and seen this truck, had been looking for a good 4×4 for a bit. My first thought was holy %^$# big enough? I mean most of your hardcore wheelers use jeeps or full custom tube frame buggys… But who am i kidding, i mean iv had 4x4s in the past but im by no means a hardcore wheeler or seasoned pro… So i decided id stop and look at it on the way home, it had all the “right” stuff 350sb not the 305, no rust, pretty decent body, powerwindows, cruise, and of course 6″ lift and 35’s with good tread. I knew i would be heading back this way to pick up the unit i had delivered, so i slept on it. At first i couldnt get over how big the thing was, i mean common its like a small house on wheels and weighs over 7,000lb, Then i got to thinking maybe thats not such a bad thing… Never being one to “follow the crowd” i started looking at the pluses… What does this truck have the jeep guys dont? Storage!! lots of it and dry storage at that! Hell not oly can i bring everything i may ever need with me out on the trail i still have room to sleep in the thing if i had to! Another thing was seating, room for 5 comfortably meant all my buddys could ride too. So about a week later i was in the area called to ol’boy up that had it, drove it and it just hummed down the hwy smooth and strait… looked it over one last time, he was asking $2500 for it. However i knew it had been for sale a while and he expressed to me that he really needed to get rid of it. So i offred him $1900, and he handed me the title! =)


SB Chevy 350 4bbl all stock(for now)
Dana 44 front axle, Corprate 12bolt rear(3.73 gears)
6in. Lift & 35×12.5×15″ off brand mudders.

Factory Options

AC, power windows/locks, cruise, locking rear diff


Flex Fan, Aftermaket Muffler, GT Grant stering wheel, JVC CD/MP3 player, Custom fit toolbox, spray in bedliner in cargo area and all doorjams.


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