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  • Screech started a blog post More work

    More work

    Got an autocross race this weekend and since there is no telling when I'll have the funds to finish CI2-VIC I decided to put some the the parts for that car on this one. Major parts being the Medievil Pro dampener set. I do plan to remove them later when...
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  • Screech started a blog post OMG MPGs!!

    OMG MPGs!!

    I drove to a remote work site and when I got home noticed I'd been 440 miles since my last gas fill, so I filled it and only needed 9.5 gallons. Getting about 46 MPG on that tank. This is more than normal, but was more highway than normal with the work trip...
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  • Screech started a blog post Still going

    Still going

    Great weather today. Drove out to pick-n-pull with a friend. Not much for me there, but pulling parts for my mom's truck got me in the mode to work on my car. Replaced a couple interior pieces with some extras I had around in better condition.
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  • Screech started a blog post Cruise control added.

    Cruise control added.

    Blog post photo
    Well, I got all of the needed parts from an Integra and added cruise. Interior changes almost the same as the B20 hatch's but the master switch in this one is not the Integra switch, I got one from Japan that fits the dash right and was in either a 3G Civic...
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  • Screech started a blog post Annual update of sorts

    Annual update of sorts

    I got the car back on the road Dec 31st last year. Been driving around with town and such without problems so I decided to go on the first road trip to PA (from NC) with the car last weekend. Well the alternator died and no one had one in stock, most of...
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  • Screech started a blog post set backs on the work

    set backs on the work

    Found that the master cylinder has been leaking and caused a trail of corrosion down the firewall and onto the sub frame. So I'm working on that corrosion and have the sub frame of and torn down so that I can repaint and under coat that area of the car....
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  • Screech started a blog post Clean up

    Clean up

    Engine has had some oil leak since I bought the car and I can't stand that, so I've bought a bunch of stuff from Honda and put the car in the garage. Pulling the engine/tranny and replacing the seals and while I'm there the timing belt, water pump, fuel...
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