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  • Jims5543 started a blog post 600 miles left!!

    600 miles left!!

    Another 200 miles down, and it seems like 19MPG is becoming the norm for the car. I am hoping for more in the 20's when I drive her up to NC in the spring so I can get some range out of her. When the gas light comes on I have 2 gallons left in my 14 gallon...
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  • Jims5543 started a blog post 19 MPG!!!

    19 MPG!!!

    19 MPG!! say it!! 19 MPG!! was as blown away this morning when I filled up the RX7 and went 180 miles on 9.5 gallons of gas. I am past the 1100 mile mark and did another oil change this morning. I have tweeked the maps a little more and I am amazed how...
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  • Jims5543 started a blog post Heartbroken.....


    ... and my wallet is empty. I was impatient, I decided to go dyno the RX7 too early with only 450 miles on the engine. I ended up spinning the rear bearing and cracking an apex seal. This has worked out for the best because I pulled all the stops. I...
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  • Jims5543 started a blog post My 1st Challenge

    My 1st Challenge

    I have no idea how this works but, O.K. I'll play. I have been away a while and really busy. The RX7 has a brand new engine and is getting ready to be dyno'd we are pushing for 460RWHP. Dyno sheets to come soon along with some Autcross and track footage.
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