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1987 Nissan Pulsar NX SE (Boltless Wonder)

Last updated Jan 13, 2009  

Photo of a 1987 Nissan Pulsar NX SE (Boltless Wonder)


Well I had a friend who worked at a family owned shop. Out in her lot sat this Black Pulsar. I looked at it and told her how I was torn between a Firebird and a Pulsar when I was 15. I siad Dad was not going to budge on me having an American car, but that was exactly like the Pulsar I had asked for. She looked at me and laughed and siad do want this one. You can have it right now for FREE.

Long story short. The owner was in the military and did not get his services done and broke a timing belt. It slapped the valve into the piston and the car needed a new head. He signed the car over to them as he sis not have the money to fix it. I was like ok. I can go to pull-a-part and get one and Joe and I can put it in.

So we did just that. I got the car. The only fee was to get the title put in my name. I went to Pull-a-part got the head and took it to a shop. $400.00 and I was in good shape with a rebuilt head, valves, and valve job. Well the easiest thing to do was for us to take the engine out to swap things.

Well as it is with everything. While its out lets paint this and that. Well in the end everything was repainted, including the engine bay. The only thing left was the body. The car was at Joes house in his shop and we worked on it a bit everyday. So the week before the reassembly was to begin, there was a break in.

By who, you ask? Well by Joe's Yellow Lab "Bandit". Well Bandit made off like a Bandit with all the bins full of bolts and the diagrams showing how everything went back. We found pieces of the bins all over the back yard and in the woods behind Joe's house. Needless to say I got some bolts back but not all and I have no clue where they go as the bins were labeled, not the bolts.

And the project is still sitting. I'm trying to get time to go to the junkyard and tear one down with a video camaera with me and tons of baggies to mark it all. That or get a factory manual and a bolt kit... UGH just my luck...



Factory Options

Fabric interior
AC Delete
Plug in car warmer


Gloss black engine bay, fender wells
Gloss black accessories
GM Pewter metallic accessories, shocks, and struts
House of Color Tangelo Accessories, engine, rotors, & calipers
Eibach sportlines
Strut Tower Brace Polished

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