1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo (Blue)

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This is my super street dirt car at Dixiland Speedway.


She is full rollcaged stock framed. The motor is 355 and our rules mandate two barrel holly carb. I have a 12 bolt rearend with moser axles. Wheels are 8 inch and tires are again track mandated Hoosiers.

Factory Options

Theres nothing left. But when I bought the car for its body it was fully loaded.


Where to start. The motor was set back to have the #1 spark plug in line with the balljoint. In order to do this in a Monte chassis the crossmember has to be notch to clear the fuel pump and the power steering pump. The steering box is a quick ratio box that I pulled from my old caprice cop car. The Front suspension I pulled the stock spindles and replaced them with spindles from a caddy with 12 discs. The rear end is a 12 bolt rear with 6.14 gears and moser axles.


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