1988 Ford Mustang (daddys pepper)

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this is a 1988 mustang and my dad built it from top to bottom iam in love with this car i mean i love my dad but i love this car more HAHA jk dad.i do not own this car just to let u guys no my dad dose. MY DAD IS #1 IN MY BOOK HE IS AWSOME HE RACES THIS CAR AND HE HAS WON MANY TROFIES ON IT. I GIVE MY FATHER A LOT OF CRIDET ON THIS CAR WAY TO GO DADDY I LOVE YOU



  • Its a Real Hot Mustang, the only kind i would ever buy if i chose to get one!
    the 88 Lx and GT 5.0’s destroy whas out there today, there top ends just arent the same as todays.

    I have a 1996 F150 with the 5.0 Mustang Motor in it! its the best motor. It will never die!!!!

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