1988 Ford Mustang LX (My Little Pony)

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This is another one that I don’t have an actual pic of. This pic is exactly like mine, but mine was a LOT more rusty. It had typical Fox-body rust – the decklid and the bottom of the doors. As a matter of fact, the doors were SO rusty that one time when the keys got locked in the car, I just pulled the door skin out, stuck my arm up inside, and unlocked the door! (Yes, that’s a true story)
It was also one of the best deals I ever got. I rode my mountain bike over to a friends house one day to see the Camaro he had just got. While there, I noticed this Mustang sitting in the back yard with three feet of grass grown up all around it. When I asked him what the deal was, he said it never ran right and after trying to do a tune-up on it he could never get it to start again. I asked him what he wanted for it, and he said he’d trade me for my mountain bike. Well, why not, right? I traded him, and when I popped the hood later, I found the spark plug wires were on wrong (4-cylinder). I swapped them around, started it up, and drove it home! Of course, my “friend” decided that I had ripped him off and never wanted to speak to me again…literally. I didn’t know, though – I’d never even seen it before. Oh well!
He got his revenge, too. A few months later, while I was away, he snuck into my place, stole my .22 cal, shot a bunch of holes all through it, and called the junkyard to have it towed away. I could have gotten it back, but when I saw the holes I decided it wasn’t worth the trouble. Oh well, again. It was fun while it lasted.

Factory Options

An engine


Custom .22 cal natural air ventilation

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