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1988 Saab 9000 Turbo 16 (with added speed-rust) (The Scaab)

Last updated Sep 17, 2007  

Photo of a 1988 Saab 9000 Turbo 16 (with added speed-rust) (The Scaab)

No longer owned


Bought for £200, rusty and tatty, unseen through Facebook (cheers Matt!).

All made up for by a healthy 175bhp/200lb-ft 2.0 16-valve turbo engine making for decently rapid in-gear acceleration all the way up to 5th.

Sold to some nice people who are taking it on Barcelona Bangers 2007 :)


2.0 16-valve turbo, FWD, 175bhp/200 lb-ft
Electric windows all round
Central locking (83% functional!)
Alarm (0% functional)
Original car-phone (remains of)
Electric sunroof (also broken, but it tries!)
Electrically operated/heated mirrors (fully working!)
heated seats
trip computer (pessimistic on the MPG)
boost gauge
radio with electric antenna (also works to my amazement)
280mm front discs
ABS (unsure if it works, intermittent warning light probably due to loose sensor connection)
Alloy wheels
'Tail blazer' trim panel (badly faded, first owner replaced at least three times early in the life of the car)
Power steering
Illuminated overhead 'Fasten belts' sign (because Saabs are *just like* jet fighters, dontchaknow)

Most importantly - deeply satisfying surge of acceleration from 2500rpm upwards :)

Factory Options

Reflective trim panel
(all broken in one way or another!)


Does rust count?

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End of the line...

Seems like the Scaab made it to Barca, but no further. Poor thing. It went in style though:

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1700 miles in a £200 car in 3 weeks

Blog post photo

Can be done quite happily. Didn't miss a beat other than losing the wastegate actuator rod a couple of times, started every time, comfortable, quick, reasonably economical....

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