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Dec 30, 2010 at 5:08 pm
thats amazing for a lil 2.8
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Nov 9, 2009 at 9:56 am
Great performance from a six! Most guys would take the easy way out and stick a V-8 in it. It's good to be different sometimes!
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Oct 7, 2008 at 1:30 am

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1989 Chevrolet Camaro RS (Project Boost)

Last updated Dec 29, 2010  

Photo of a 1989 Chevrolet Camaro RS (Project Boost)


bought the car 4 years ago for 800 bucks,dealer stated it needed a fuel pump when alls it needed was a ign module

12.2@112mph witht he 60-1 turbo at 9 psi

3 new videos added
first up installed a new t3/60-1 garrett turbo
second up
had a few issues but put done some really good numbers
first issue was the ignition timming would not advance so it was locked at 8* btdc
second issue was it would not rev up over 5,100-5,300 rpms
with the 268/272 cam the power should really come in right around 5,600 and on the dyno it looke dlike it was going to but once it hit 4,800 rpms it just nosed over

even still the car put down
272RWHP AND AN AMAZING 376FTLBS @ only 9psi
i have no plans to redyno the car as im sure its making more then enough power even at low boost now thats its fixed to push me into the high 11's


the car has recently just gone 13.008@104.85mph @ only 9 psi

though after reviewing the data logs form the run i have maxed out the 36.6 pound injectors and the car went dead lean for the last 3-400 ft of the track

on the way are some 65# injectors a methonal injection kit and a larger turbo to replace the small t3/t4 i have been running

the hybrid turbo i have been running is only good for 425 crank hp and i should be putting down about 390 crank as the car sits on 9 psi

(9 psi on the 60-1 turbo got me down to a 12.2@112 mph


under the hood resides a factory 2.8L V6
specs on the motor are
stock crank and rods with arp rod bolts
Keith black hyper pistons with coated skirts std bore

the entire rotating aseembly was lightened and balanced to 7,500+ rpms
8.5-1 cr
custom 268/272 on 115 lsa camshaft

the heads have been worked over by myself which include cnced bowls and porting and larger valves

ported stock manifold
36.6# injectors
custom hand made turbo headers made from 316L and 321 stainless
t3/t4 hybrid turbo
and a full 3 inch downpipe and ex system

the stock ecm was swaped out for a megasquirt standalone system

the transmission is a stock piece with a tci street fighter rebuild kit and a tci super street fighter 9 inch converter restalled to 4,500 rpms

stock 10 bolt 7.5 rear with 4:10's and a spool

+ lots more

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