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1989 Chevrolet Corsica LTZ (El Diablo)

Last updated Jul 14, 2009  

Photo of a 1989 Chevrolet Corsica LTZ (El Diablo)


My parents bought this thing brand new in '89, and it has been in my family since then. I ended up with it for a graduation present, and it was in bad shape. Three years earlier, my father neglected to change the oil for so long that the oil pump screen was caked in sludge, basically suffocating the motor. Since then that problem was fixed, but it went downhill after that. The fam got a Montana in '04 so we didn't need to use the car. This past year i got into it. My buddies and I went to start it and it wouldn't stay running. After the TPS, Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve, and a little piss ant tube for the EGR were replaced we pulled it out from the backyard.
After a short trip down the culdesac, it started running rough, blew the head gaskets. More than likely from sitting so long. So i spent my whole summer redoin the top end of the motor. Started in June ended in September. She's been good to me ever since, and she's been a royal B**** also. But with only 73,000 on it, i can't complain too bad..


2.8 V6 mpfi
Stock Tranny
180 hp (guesstimate)
** I want to do more to it to prove haters in wyoming that the 2.8 is a motor with potential, but i am going to be a father in July so its just one step at a time.**

Factory Options

AC (which doesn't work)
Power windows
Power locks
Gay ass AM/FM radio


6x9 Pioneers
4' Kenwoods
Cold Air Intake ($10 junkyard find, score!)
Starter wires lol
I will say, for being basically stock, it whoops my buddies '92 Grand Prix, and he doesn't like that hahaha.
Cool Blue Sylvannia headlights
55amp Fog lights

I will try to get some pictures up soon.