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Slideshow for the “Our Classic and Sportscar and Bike Collection” album.

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Description: These are only a few of our favorite a few of our Cars, Bikes, and New Car album.Some of these cars have been aquired from selling a stamp collection we have saved for over 40 years of stamp collecting. Saving 5 gallon water bottles of loose pocket change we have saved since we were married 28 years ago 23 5 gallon empty jugs of water filled with all the pocket change we have saved nickel dimes and quaters.
Fixing and selling old furniture we have restored from yard sales. Furniture restoration is a very good hobbie to learn how to restore old furniture to make look like new then selling to in the know about old treasures that some people love
people who like old restored wooden furniture from old furniture most people would throw away. Mahogany, Red Oak, Cherry, Red Wood, Chestnut. and Maple etc. Try it just start with a how to book and don'tlook back. We stilldo furniture restoration.
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