1990 Lotus Esprit SE (Is that a Ferrari?)

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I bought this in January of ’08. It was involved in a accident four days after I bought it. While in for repairs it turned out the car was previously totaled which drastically lowered the cars value and it ended up being totaled again.


Cylinders: Four in line
Capacity: 2174cc Bore/Stroke: 95.3mm x 76.2mm
Max Power: 264bhp/197kW @ 6500rpm (DIN 70020)
Max Torque: 261 lb ft/354Nm @ 3900rpm (DIN 70020)
Max Engine Speed: 7400rpm
Block: Aluminium alloy, Nikasil coated wet liners.
Head: Aluminium alloy.
Pistons: Forged aluminium, chromium plated crowns.
Valve Gear: Dohc, belt-drive four valves per cylinder Sodium filled exhaust valves.
Compression Ratio: 8.0:1
Turbocharger: Garrett T3 .63 with 0.42 Compressor, watercooled with integral wastegate.
Boost Pressure: 1.0 bar maximum. 0.85 bar typical.
Chargecooler: Engine mounted intake chargecooler with independent mechanically driven liquid cooling system. Front mounted chargecooler heat exchanger.
Fuel System: Electronic multi-point fuel injection incorporating knock sensing and self-diagnosis capability.
Fuel: Unleaded, 95 RON minimum octane rating.
Ignition: Electronic distributorles twin-coil.

Max speed: 165 mph/265km/h
Acceleration: 0-100 km/h/0-60mph: 5.0/4.7secs
0- 160 km/h/0- 100mph: 11.9secs
Fourth gear: 80-120 km/h/50-70mph: 3.8secs
110-150 km/h/70-90mph: 4.8secs
Fifth gear: 110-150 km/h/70-90mph: 6.5secs
140-180 km/h/90-110mph: 7. 1 secs


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