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RX7 Improvements!” Album
Description: Since this convertible is my main ride now ..I set off to improve several key areas ...gas savings,brakes,gauge pod with better temp gauge, stainless steel exhaust, custom short vibration free shifter, aluminum radiator

the fuel economy on a rotary is not good at all 16-17 mpg no matter what you do ..I researched the market for 16 months ..decided on a complete HHO hydrogen generator dry cell kit would do the trick ( since no one makes a complete kit I had to piece it together) ..6 months later the car is getting 26 MPG on the Highway and 20 in the city.

Brakes were upgraded to slotted and drilled rotors and ceramic pads as well as stainless steel lines.

gauge pod installed with a wide band air fuel ratio guage
,water temp gauge and amps gauge all to monitor the engine and HHO generator. the water temp gauge is a must as the temp gauge on the mazda is just about worthless. also installed an EFIE and MAF to lean engine out ..AF ratio gauge shows up to 18:1 ratio, the Hydrogen compensates for the lean Af ratio and allows for great gas savings.!

Short shifter was cut and welded with 1 inch removed

full header to cat back system from racing beat ,,very well made and quiet!

Aluminum radiator from KOYO is now installed
as well as a complete throttlebody mod eliminating the thermal pellet. Also Installed new 550cc injectors, New Fuel Pump, New Fuel regulator with gauge , new silicone vacuum Lines .

MY HHO Kit did not have an inline filter and the old throttlebody showed some corrosion so I will wait to reinstall till I have the filters in place and going to try the new titanuim generator ..supposed to keep the water clean !
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