1992 Geo Metro (My Office)

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This is what most local people around here call my office. It was given to me as a graduation gift, when I completed University.

When I first got the car it had only 3500 Kilometers on it.. Prior to that it had never seen gravel or snow.. It had its reg. oil changes no matter if it went anywhere or not.. When the car was first new, my dad was the salesman who sold it to the lady we got it from.. He told her that if she ever wanted to sell it to let him know.. When she decided to not drive anymore, she called and he bought it..

It now has 240,000 kms on it, with the only major fixings being a cv joint, and some exhaust work.

All other reg. maintenance is done as per usual.

This car attends all Redliner Events.. Mud Bog, Street Show, Show N Shine, Soap Box Race, and Ice Rally. It has participated in Ice Rally for 2 years, and unwillingly in Mud Bog this year.

It also is used as to haul equipment, signs, club members, drive Mud Bog racers around the site and to town if necessary..

If you need Redliner Information – FOLLOW THAT GEO!


1992 GEO Metro
4 Cyl. 3l

Factory Options

This car had no options in it when we got it.. not even a radio..


We put a radio in it..

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