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Jun 7, 2009 at 10:57 am
These were pretty cool vehicles back in the day, and still are. I'd personally love to have a Syclone.

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1992 GMC Typhoon 4.3 turbo (aspen)

Last updated Jun 17, 2009  

Photo of a 1992 GMC Typhoon 4.3 turbo (aspen)


Syclone Typhoon Nationals - Storm's A Brewin'

Gm High Tech Performance >


Limited edition vehicle released in 1992.Fewer than 2500 made
The 1992 GMC Typhoon 4.3 Turbo V6 With Intercooler
2497 Total Production
96 Exported Sales
2 Factory Options (Roof rack , CD Player)
Full leather interior (Typhoon embroidered seats)
Silver Typhoon Decals
Embroidered Floor Mats
4 Channel ABS
Flat Black plastic around headlamps

*Frost White
**Aspeen Blue less then 20 made
***raspberry only 3 made

The Typhoon is a vehicle with acceleration, braking, handling and all-around road competence that verges on the awesome, and treats four people to supreme luxury. Then adds a generous measure of practical utility into the bargain. It's called Typhoon from GMC Truck. Typhoon shares all the motivation of the GMC Syclone. It has the same turbocharged, intercooled, 287-hp. 4.3 liter V6. It has the same advanced full-time all-wheel drive for traction on paved surfaces, which also helps it launch from 0 to 60 in 4or5 seconds or less. "And with a Boost launch 2.5 sec," 12 to14 sec in the 1/4 mile. Making it the fastest suv in the would. And, like Syclone, Typhoon has the added safety and accident avoidance of a computer- assisted 4-wheel anti-lock braking system. The Typhoon is a vehicle that can run with Europe's most highly respected grand touring sedans. For tens of thousands of dollars less. Typhoon becomes an even more sensible alternative when you factor in its luxury and utility. There's ultra soft leather in the seating areas, there's elbow, knee and legroom.

Topspeed is 125 mph.
change the chip the topspeed limit is gone so it should do 145 or more mph ..
Cost more then the corvette when new back in 1992
window sticker was 29,470.00

For more info on a Syclone and Typhoon visit > SyTy.NET


Driver Truck R/T 60-FT ET/MPH
W Gene White '91 Sy .261 2.41 14.48/97
R/U Dennis "Dad" Klinger '92 Ty .375 2.22 15.05/88

Driver Truck R/T 60-FT ET/MPH
W Jeremy Duncan '91 Sy .262 1.71 12.3/108
R/U Adam Joadwine '93 Ty .269 2.20 14.69/92

Driver Truck R/T 60-FT ET/MPH
W Josh Straub '91 Sy .272 1.81 12.16/110
R/U Troy Calhoun '91 Sy .509 1.74 11.95/111

Driver Truck R/T 60-FT ET/MPH
W Zach Mann '91 Sy .966 1.89 13.01/105
R/U Bob Galla '93 Ty 1.14 1.79 13.34/100

Driver Truck R/T 60-FT ET/MPH
W Robert Pothorcki '91 Sy 2.68 60FT>1.45 ET>9.18/152mph.


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