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Apr 29, 2011 at 1:06 pm
Sharp, like the hood.

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1992 Pontiac Firebird (Winged Bitch)

Last updated Apr 28, 2011  

Photo of a 1992 Pontiac Firebird (Winged Bitch)


I found an Avis lot that summer of '94 that had a low mileage 1992 Firebird Coupe for $11, test drive, and IT WAS ON! Sure, it was a V6, but who cares? It had everything else I wanted, and a sexy third generation body, to boot! Well, it wasn't too long after that, my marriage and my job both collapsed. I left my wife with the house, the kids, and the SABLE! I kept the Firebird, and moved to Florida a year later.

Later son decided to leave his mother in Ohio and come live with me and my current wife in Florida. Well, boys become young men, and he needed a car to get to school and work. So, I lucked onto a cheap little econobox Toyota, and got him rolling. Well, my thinking got the better of me. He was driving 4 miles to school each day, and I was driving the Firebird 36 miles a day, and gas was cheaper in the, we traded cars. Eventually he grew to love the old girl just like I did, and so I bequeathed it to him when he graduated high school; title and all.

Well, let's just say our intentions were good. Following me home one afternoon, the boy somehow didn't see the traffic light had turned red, and he proceeded to remove the back end of a Crown Victoria with the left front of the Firebird. It was pathetic! I don't know which looked worse that day; that car or his underwear! Nobody was killed, thankfully...and the car WAS still drivable. But, soon after, the love died and he eventually let the 'bird lay on the side of the road in a non-running condition with three strikes against it. So, I cajoled the boy into getting one of his friends to put a tow strap to what was left (it never did get repaired, despite all the promises), and haul her home.

Since then, my son has moved to California with his girlfriend, and I've spent a total of $12,590 to date in repairs just to bring this 'bird back to something worth driving again!

...and I'm NOT done yet!



This is still a basic 3.1 V6 Firebird coupe.

Factory Options



Repainted the original factory color, 4th Gen Ram Air hood, 2nd Gen Z28 Deck wing, 16" 3rd Gen Formula Wheels, Upgraded Pioneer stereo and speakers, alarm system, Astra Rear window louvers, and a vanity license plate.

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