1995 Honda Accord EX (Winter Beater)

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Of course, by the time I get around to adding this car to my garage, it’s dead. Well, it lived a good life. We got this from some friends so I’d have a winter commuter when Michigan wouldn’t allow me to ride my motorcycle. Despite my general dislike for 4-cyl commuter cars, I have to admit that it was a great little car. The 2.2L VTEC I4 was anything but powerful, but it was smooth and averaged over 25 mpg, even with my lead foot. At 230,000 miles it ended up being a money pit as things just kept going wrong with it (normal wear & tear items, though…whaddya do?). It finally died a few weeks ago. The timing belt broke while I was driving home, and since it’s an interference engine, I decided it wasn’t worth fixing. Then, I found out my little brother needed a cheap car, so I told him, “You pay for the repair, and it’s yours.” The good news is, it turned out to be an easy fix (thank God!). I replaced the timing belt kit, and it started right up – no internal damage. Yay!

The picture is [i]not[/i] actually of my car (web find), but mine is identical (minus the fog lights), and in nearly the same condition (paint hasn’t been waxed in awhile, and has a few touch-up spots, but it’s not rusty, it’s the same color, and has the same wheels).


2.2L I4
5-speed Manual Transmission
0-60: Slow-point-Slow
1/4 mile: Slower-point-0-Slower
Top Speed: Well, it did hit 122 about a week before it died…not bad, I guess.
Mileage: 26 mpg average

New Parts (all with less than 5,000 miles):
Both front wheel bearings
Serpentine belt
Brake lines (all-steel brake lines replaced from front to rear – solid line all the way – no cheap patch jobs)

I don’t remember what else. I know there’s more, so I’ll update as I remember/find receipts.

Factory Options


Leather seats
Power windows
Power door locks
Power mirrors
Air Conditioning (works, but needs its first recharge)
6-disc CD changer in the trunk (factory stereo is missing)
Cruise control
Power sliding moon roof (works fine with no leaks)


The car came with a brand-new Bomz cold-air intake when I got it. I just put it in a little while ago. It did improve gas mileage a bit, looks cool, and actually made it sound pretty cool when you put the pedal down.

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